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Glulam Log Houses

Eurodita glulam log houses represent the pinnacle of log home innovation, combining strength, sustainability, and elegance

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Glue Laminated Timber has enhanced resistance to expansion and shrinkage, as well as improved visual appeal due to its thicker logs and higher quality grade. Although the manufacturing process is more complex for glue laminate houses, which can cause increased material cost leading to a slightly elevated expense compared with solid timber homes; this adjustment allows longer spans than traditionally used in traditional log house construction - up 18 meters long! Homeowners have five available wall thicknesses from which they may choose when building their dream home.

Standard benefits:
- You will have a unique house that meets all your needs and desires.
- Our team of architects will take care of everything for you.
Emotional benefits:
- You will have the house of your dreams.
- You won't have to worry about a thing, we'll take care of everything.