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Bespoke Glulam Log cabin Berta

Bespoke Glulam Log cabin Berta

The Bespoke Glulam Log Cabin Berta is a unique and stylish cabin that is expertly crafted using high-quality materials.

Dimensions: 48552mm x 6664mm
Interior dimensions: 8176mm x 6288mm
Wall thickness: 88mm
Floorboards: 28mm
Roof boards: 19mm
Ridge height: 3520mm
Sidewall height: 2500mm

Additional qualities:

  • Residential type, tilt & turn glass windows, mm: 600 x 580, 1330 x 990 (x2), 1330 x 800 (x4), 1330 x 1770
  • Residential type, double glazed door (outside), mm: 1400 x 2030 (x2)
  • Residential type door (inside), mm: 900 x 2030 (x3)
  • No finger joints
  • Designed for 3 rooms

Standard log cabin kit includes:

  • Wallboards
  • Floorboards
  • Roof boards
  • Double-glazed windows and doors

Offer your customers Nordic style living with high-quality glulam log cabins. Let them realise their dreams by ordering bespoke glulam beam houses and cabins through Eurodita. We will make sure you receive a full 3D visualisation and an offer all under your brand name. As a true private label production partner, we will make sure that your brand will mean quality and design flexibility. Reach out to us now through our partner program and let’s talk business!

Reasons your clients should buy Bespoke log cabin Berta: 

Let your customers realise their log cabin dream. Log cabin Berta is that dream made a reality through our bespoke order process. It’s a glulam log cabin intended for comfort and a slice of that Nordic life. It comes with a set of great features:

  • Top quality timber – Eurodita produces all its products from Northern pine. It’s light, sturdy and comes from slow-growing, responsible sources.
  • Personal design – Berta was produced for a specific partner order. Now it’s available to be ordered as is, or used as an excellent base for another bespoke dream.
  • Thick walls – at 88mm, log cabin Berta boasts thick glulam walls. Paired with proper insulation, they will be able to withstand even the coldest seasons.
  • 3D models – your customers will be able to see  the digital model of Berta before it ever touches the production floor. All changes will run through our bespoke order program and we will be able to supply offers with models within 24 hours.
  • Log cabin luxury – while looking models, log cabins can also come with luxurious comforts their owners need. Log cabin Berta has enough space to accommodate 3 rooms, as well as all necessary amenities.

Like what you see? Click the bespoke order button on the right and we’ll make you an offer.

Bespoke Glulam Log cabin Berta

Product qualities

This cabin is made with Glulam (glued laminated timber) logs, which are known for their strength, durability, and resistance to warping, rotting, and insect infestation.
The cabin features a spacious layout, with large windows and doors that let in plenty of natural light. The interior has a warm, cosy and inviting atmosphere. The cabin also has a comfortable bedroom and a bathroom.
The cabin has been designed and constructed to be energy-efficient, helping to reduce heating and cooling costs. The walls are thick enough to maintain a constant temperature inside the cabin.
This Bespoke Glulam Log Cabin Berta is perfect for those looking for a stylish and high-quality cabin that offers a comfortable and sustainable living space. It can be used as a holiday home, vacation rental, or permanent residence.

Eurodita Log Cabins is a leading provider of high-quality log cabins and houses for B2B customers. We can design and manufacture any log cabin to meet your specific needs and requirements. Our cabins are made using the latest technology and manufacturing techniques, ensuring they are of the highest quality. We use only the finest materials, and our cabins are built to last. Additionally, we offer competitive pricing on all our cabins, making them an excellent value for businesses looking to expand their offerings. With our experienced team of designers, we can work with you to create a custom cabin that will be a perfect fit for your business. Whether you are looking for a small, cosy cabin or a large, luxurious log house, we have the expertise and experience to deliver a top-quality product at a price that fits your budget.

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