Glulam Log House Vienna

Glulam Log House Vienna

Wall thickness: 135mm; 180mm; 220mm
Wall size: 11.97m; 12m; 34m
Terrace size: 26.2 sq. m.

Additional features: 

  • Double glazed doors and windows
  • Classic residential house design
  • No finger joints
  • Two-storey construction

Glulam house kit includes: 

  • Outside walls of chosen thickness
  • Inside walls of 90mm thickness
  • Floorboards
  • Roofboards
  • Laminated timber windows and doors

Are you looking for a classic home design that has been transformed into an elegant log house? Do you have many clients who wish to move away from the hubbub of the city and live in a secluded spot? Do these clients still want to retain the space and luxury of the urban living? We are happy to inform you that you’ve found just the right log house model. More than that, you’ve just found the right partner, who will make sure this log house kit will reach you in a timely manner. Send us an inquiry and while we are putting together an order, check out our partner program and contact us if you’d like to claim all the partner perks.

Reasons your clients should buy Glulam log house Vienna

We are always striving to help our partners gain new clients. That is why in this segment, you will find some great sales points you can pitch your clients about log house Vienna:

  • Premium quality timber – Northern pine is a slow-growing, beautiful, strong timber, light in colour and built to survive bushfires, cyclones and earthquakes.
  • Spacious living area – two-storey construction can house a large family of six or even eight. Not to mention the elegant terrace and balcony additions to increase the space even further.
  • Bespoke orders – while log house Vienna as a standard order has a lot of perks, it can still be further enhanced and personalised according to your client’s wishes.
  • Green living – even a spacious log house such as this can still help reach harmony with the environment.

Like what you see? Click the bespoke order button on the right and we’ll make you an offer.

Glulam Log House Vienna

Product qualities

Elegant gables, a balcony and a spacious terrace – all that is attainable if you pick us as your log home supplier. Your clients will be happy with the residential-grade design of log house Vienna, while you will be pleased with the ease and speed that we work to deliver it to a designated location. All you will need to do is construct it on your client’s lot. To start the process, send us an inquiry for a standard kit, or a bespoke order if you have any changes in mind. While you wait for our offer – which we usually send within 24 hours – look through our partner program and all the perks our partners get by signing with us.

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