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Glulam Log House Begue

Glulam Log House Begue

The Eurodita Glulam Log House Begue is a luxurious log house with top-of-the-line features! This 7800 x 12600 mm house is constructed with 88mm glulam logs for strength and insulation.

Dimensions: 7800 x 12600 mm
Wall thickness: 88 mm glulam logs
Wall height: 2400 mm
Roof pitch: 3400 mm
Roof thickness: 19mm
Floor thickness: 28mm
Rafters: seven units, each 88 x 220 mm
Front canopy: 3310 mm

Additional qualities: 

  • Double-glazed doors and windows
  • Single-storey construction
  • 3-bedroom design
  • No finger joints

Glulam house kit includes: 

  • Internal rafters
  • Floorboards
  • Support column
  • Roof boards
  • Laminated timber windows and doors.

Add a little bit of modernity to your glulam houses catalogue. Log house Begue has a remarkably simple design, which is capable of creating an impression of a modern, 3-bedroom flat inside a log house. If your clients are looking for contemporary design solutions, log house Begue fits the bill as a standard kit. If, however, your client foresees some changes that need to be made, hit that bespoke order button and we will send you a personal offer. While you wait, check out our partner program and see the benefits that could be yours.

Reasons your clients should buy Glulam log house Begue

We don’t leave our partners struggling with sales alone. Not only do we offer detailed bespoke orders, but also support our partners during sales process. To start with, here are some great sales points as to why your client should buy the log house Begue:

  • Premium quality timber – Northern pine is a slow-growing, beautiful, strong timber, light in colour and built to survive bushfires, cyclones and earthquakes.
  • Optimal living space – like a lot of modern designs, log house Begue will offer an optimal solution for a family of four.
  • Bespoke orders – loads of dreams become a reality on our production line. If there are any specific requests your clients is making, we are happy to hear them out and see what we can do.
  • Green living – the recent trend of eco-friendly living has definitely had a positive impact on log home market. As a  genuinely green living option, log homes are slowly becoming the staple of the trend.

Like what you see? Click the bespoke order button on the right and we’ll make you an offer.

Glulam Log House Begue

Product qualities

Double-glazed windows Euro 68 standard made from the finest quality Glulam timber, featuring aluminium weathering strips, Multi-Point locking, Tilt and turn open with one handle, and rubber seals for additional protection against drafts. The door is laminated (Glulam) timber construction with five Multi-Point locking points, a six-pin Euro Cylinder lock, Heavy duty fully adjustable hinges and superior quality rubber sealing. When you partner with Eurodita to acquire your Glulam Log House Begue, you also gain access to a range of business benefits that make this log house even more attractive!

If your clients are looking for modern log houses, with optimal living space that can fit a big family – you’re in luck. Log house Begue has been designed with modernity in mind. It contains lots of space inside and still leaves room for a small porch outside, covered with a canopy that’s supported by a wooden column. With tall, glass doors, the log house will also look elegant and let in a lot of light. If this design is something you’re looking to offer your clients, hit that inquiry button. If you have some changes you want to make, the bespoke order button is just below. And while you’re waiting for us to send you an offer, check out our partner program and the benefits you could be receiving as a partner.

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