Two Storey Glulam Log House David

Two Storey Glulam Log House David

Dimensions: 6000 x 14200 mm
Material: Nordic timber
Wall thickness: 90 mm glulam logs
Wall height: 4500 mm
Roof pitch: 5800 mm
Roof thickness: 19mm
Floor thickness: 28mm
Rafters: ten units, each 88 x 220 mm

Additional features:

  • Double glazed doors and windows
  • Two-story construction
  • No finger joints
  • Utilitarian design

Glulam house kit includes:

  • Internal rafters
  • Floorboards,
  • Roof boards,
  • Laminated timber windows and doors.

We are constantly striving to offer our partners something new. A new glulam house design or a more efficient BBQ huts. More than that, we are always looking to make it a good deal to take. There is a reason why our partners’ profits go up 20% after they started working with us. Contact us and let’s talk business.


Reasons your clients should buy Glulam log house David

If you are struggling with optimal sales points, as business partners, we are here to help you. Here are several reasons why your clients should pick the log house David:

  • Premium quality timber – Northern pine is a slow-growing, beautiful, strong timber, light in colour and built to survive bushfires, cyclones and earthquakes.
  • Big living space – glulam log house David can house two different families and ensure they do not intrude on each other’s living areas.
  • Green living – the recent trend of eco-friendly living as definitely had a positive impact on log home market. As a  genuinely green living option, log homes are slowly becoming the staple of the trend.
  • Bespoke orders – while glulam log house David comes in a great standard kit, your clients will be happy to know that each order can be adapted into a bespoke option. All new ideas and adaptations can become a reality on our production line.

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Two Storey Glulam Log House David

Product qualities

If your clients are looking for a fundamentally utilitarian log house design, glulam prefab house David might be exactly what you can offer them. A spacious solution that can house two separate families and ensure there is no interaction between them. The house itself is divided into two segments. Each segment contains two floors, with living space and bathroom on the first and sleeping quarters on the second floor.

For more detailed information, check out the technical qualities of log house David below and make sure it is the design you are looking for. All our glulam products will reach you untreated and unpainted, giving you the freedom to perfectly adapt to your client. Place a bespoke order below if you want something more specific and check out our partner program for best prices.

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