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Every business we’ve partnered with earns a minimum of 20% profit immediately — in the very first year of our partnership. That’s 100% of our partners increasing profitability.

Leaders in quality? We’ve proved it.

We believe in doing, not saying. Hence our statistics — 100% of the businesses that source from us report being happy with the quality of our log structures. Unbelievable? It’s the truth. Ask any of them.

It happens. But when it does, we’ll cover incured expenses.

It’s hard having a 100% per cent success rate in everything, we admit that. 95% of our business partners have never experienced a delay — and as for the other 5%, we’re covering any expenses incured due to overdue deliveries.

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It’s that simple. Our orders are never late, so you will no longer have to hear your end-customers complaining about late deliveries. Our orders are delivered within one to four weeks, depending on order size and specifics.

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Our customer support works 24/7 — no matter the timezone you’re in, we’re here for you. From inquiry to post-delivery assistance, we’ll stay with you through the whole proccess. After all, we’ve got 97 per cent of our clients pleased with our customer support team — and we’re not
willing to lower this standard.

Every detail agreed upon.

For bespoke orders, we offer 3D designs — you will be able to see the end result before comitting to an order.