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Glulam Log House Rome

Glulam Log House Rome

Introducing the unrivalled beauty and quality of the Eurodita Glulam Log House Rome – a bespoke 75 m2 living space sure to provide you with stylish and cosy year-round comfort! Its stunningly crafted walls are made of increasingly popular 135mm, 180mm and 220mm thick glulam timber, designed to last for years.

Technical qualities:
Living space: 75 m2
Wall thickness: 135mm; 180mm; 220mm
Material: Nordic timber
Wall size: 10m; 11m
Terrace size: 17 sq. m.

Additional features:

  • Double glazed doors and windows,
  • No finger joints,
  • Sloping roof design,
  • Second floor balcony.

Glulam house kit includes:

  • Outside wall of chosen thickness,
  • Inside walls – 90mm thick,
  • Floorboards,
  • Roof boards,
  • Laminated timber windows and doors.

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Glulam log house Rome and all other products we produce can help you earn an extra 20% profit on your first year with us. If you are looking for a reliable log home supplier, with a chance for a region-exclusive partnership, contact us and let’s talk business.

Reasons your clients should buy Glulam log house Rome

If you are struggling with optimal sales points, as business partners, we are here to help you. Here are several reasons why your clients should pick the log house Rome:

  • Premium quality timber – like all our products, this log house is also built from Nordic pine. A slow-growing, beautiful, strong timber, light in colour and built to survive bushfires, cyclones and earthquakes.
  • Green living – the recent trend of eco-friendly living as definitely had a positive impact on log home market. Promoted as genuinely green living option, log homes are slowly becoming the staple of the trend.
  • Bespoke orders – while glulam log house Rome comes in a great standard kit, your clients will be happy to know that each order can be adapted into a bespoke option. All new ideas and adaptations can become a reality on our production line.

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Glulam Log House Rome

Product qualities

Along with eye-catching beauty, this log house also comes with unbeatable practicality thanks to its carefully chosen glazing. Boasting Euro 68 standard double-glazed windows with aluminium weathering strips and multi-point locking, they open smoothly with one handle, while tilt & turn capability makes them especially easy to use. Each window is also equipped with seal rubbers – particularly helping to ensure your home stays snug even during cold winter nights!

When protecting your home’s entranceway, the Eurodita Glulam Log House does not fail to deliver. Its laminated glulam timber double-glazed doors not only look amazing but will assure utmost security as well! Cleverly featuring five locking points that work together with a Euro Cylinder lock plus heavy-duty adjustable hinges and top-quality rubber sealing – this door is certain to keep you safe from unwelcome guests.

Finally, partnering up with Eurodita has numerous B2B benefits waiting for you too. Not only can you rest assured of receiving first-class serviced products designed for long-term use – you’ll also benefit from exclusive access to expertise gained through over two decades of award-winning pioneering solutions in the business!

Love your living space like never before – choose Eurodita’s Glulam Log House Rome today.

If not, place a bespoke order and inquire about our partner program.


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