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Made to Measure Log Cabins

Eurodita offers a wide variety of bespoke log cabins that are made to your exact measurements. Their crafted log cabins are perfect for creating the ideal living space for you and your family. Featuring easy assembly and unbeatable customer service, Eurodita guarantees each log cabin will be created with precision and accuracy and will fit flawlessly into any environment. With beautiful designs that can be customized to your exact specifications, you’ll be sure to enjoy many years of comfort and relaxation in your personalized, handcrafted log cabin from Eurodita.

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Extra space is very often needed. Whether it’s for you or for your clients. We understand how important it is to have an area for storage, living or working in. This is why we offer you bespoke log cabins – log houses who are highly capable of offering you a great number of things – all you need to do is to think of it.  WE have over 25 years of experience, and Eurodita can give you just about everything to when it comes to bespoke houses.

For our bespoke log cabins, we are using thick and reliable timber, only the best out of famous Siberian spruce 44mm; 58mm; 70mm; 70mm Glulam; 90mm Glulam; 135mm Glulam; 180mm Glulam; 200mm Glulam; 220mm Glulam thickness, they are just enough to give you the best quality and some reliable quality for all months of the year. Many people are using these log cabins as their home gyms, artist studios, workspaces, storage houses or even home offices – the biggest advantage of these bespoke log cabins is how differently they can be used and it’s all up to you what will you offer to your clients.

We care a lot about the materials we are using. As we mentioned before, yes, these wooden houses are built out of the best quality Siberian spruce but it doesn’t just end there – we use our experience combined with the best Italian tools and German accessories paired together with your visions to bring you the best product there is to offer. Trust Eurodita and bring in new life to those bespoke log cabins. We give you the best quality there is to find and you have a chance to get your very own easy to build space that can come to life in the space of a couple of days. Do not hesitate to contact our team with your mission and we will make sure that your needs will be fulfilled. Here in Eurodita, we make sure to give you an easy to build, reliable bespoke log cabins made out of 44mm; 58mm; 70mm; 70mm Glulam; 90mm Glulam; 135mm Glulam; 180mm Glulam; 200mm Glulam; 220mm Glulam thickness timber of Siberian spruce.

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