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Technical Qualities

Dimensions: 8000mm x 5000mm
Wall thickness: 58mm
Floorboards: 28mm
Roof boards: 19mm
Ridge height: 3445mm
Sidewall height: 2405mm

Additional qualities:

  • Euro 68 standard, double-glazed doors
  • Euro 68 standard, double-glazed windows
  • No finger joints
  • The modern log cabin design

Standard log cabin kit includes:

  • Wallboards
  • Floorboards
  • Roof boards
  • Double-glazed windows and doors

Introducing Log Cabin Folio 8x5m: A Masterpiece of Space and Style

Eurodita’s Log Cabin Folio 8x5m offers a harmonious blend of space, style, and substance. Designed to meet the diverse needs of contemporary businesses, Folio stands out as a luxurious and versatile commercial solution.

Key Features:

  1. Generous Layout: Offering an expansive 8x5m area, Folio provides ample space to accommodate varied business requirements, from elegant showrooms to functional offices.
  2. Robust Construction: Built with 58mm thick walls, Folio ensures stability and exceptional insulation, perfect for year-round use.
  3. Eco-friendly Materials: Crafted from sustainably sourced timber, Folio reflects a commitment to environmental responsibility without sacrificing aesthetic appeal.
  4. Customization Opportunities: Create a space that resonates with your brand. Folio allows complete personalization, from interiors to finishes, to meet your specific needs.
  5. Sophisticated Design: With its timeless design and attention to detail, Folio adds a touch of sophistication to any commercial environment.
  6. Efficient Assembly: Designed for quick installation, Folio minimizes downtime and construction costs.
  7. Competitive Pricing: Offering unparalleled value, Folio presents a luxurious space solution at an attractive price point.

Unlock Your Business Potential with Log Cabin Folio 8x5m

Whether as a chic retail outlet, a spacious office, or an exclusive leisure space, Log Cabin Folio 8x5m opens a world of opportunities. Trust Eurodita to create a space that reflects your brand’s excellence and inspires growth.

Explore the Folio 8x5m today and transform the way you do business.

Take a closer look

Log cabin assembling video

Look at the doors used for log cabins

Eurodita windows, check video

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