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Technical Qualities

Dimensions: 5100mm x 6000mm
Wall thickness: 70mm
Floorboards thickness: 28mm
Roof boards: 19mm
Roof slope: 20 deg.
Roof area: 40 sq. m.
Ridge height: 3162mm
Rafters: 5 units, each 70mm x 150mm
Sidewall height: 2295mm
Front canopy: 400mm

Additional qualities:

  • French-style double glazed door, mm: 1600 × 2000
  • Interior door, mm: 800 × 2000 (x2)
  • Double glazed windows, mm: 600 × 600 (x2); 800 × 1000 (x2)
  • No finger joints
  • Two-room interior planning

Standard log cabin kit includes:

  • Wallboards
  • Floorboards
  • Roof boards
  • Double glassed doors and windows

If you are searching for a partner with large catalogue of log cabin options and who could deliver orders to you on bespoke basis – Eurodita might be it. We are private label manufacturers, specialising in bespoke orders. You can be sure that your customer will always find something they are looking for – because your production partner can make it on order. All log cabins you see in our catalogue can be transformed into a design that fits your client’s needs. Or, you can order a completely new design that hasn’t been used before. If this is what you are looking for in your partner, check out our partner program, send us a message and let’s talk business!

Reasons your clients should buy log cabin Sandra: 

Log cabin Sandra exhibits the classics that customers expect from all log cabins. Two-room design, comfortably planned out to have enough space for a kitchenette and a sleep/activity area. More than that, log cabin Sandra comes with all the perks all our products have:

  • Northern pine – a sturdy material of beautiful light colour. It’s the primary timber we use for all our projects and we are yet to be disappointed.
  • Smart interior design – made comfortable, with enough room for everything a client needs.
  • Software aid – for all changes and models before production, we use software to build a 3D image of the building. This includes the log cabin Sandra, as it can be adjusted based on requirements.
  • Closer to nature – as with all log cabins, Sandra model can be built anywhere, but majority of customers choose somewhere rural and remote. Let your clients experience the same joy.

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