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Log cabin Sunray 4.7×3.8m, 70mm

Log cabin Sunray 4.7×3.8m, 70mm

Step into the cozy and comfortable world of Log Cabin Sunray 4.7×3.8m, 70mm. This magnificent log cabin is the perfect addition to any garden, offering a warm and inviting atmosphere with the highest quality construction and materials.

Dimensions: 4700mm x 3800mm
Interior dimensions: 4360mm x 3460mm
Wall thickness: 70mm
Floorboards: 28mm
Roof boards: 19mm
Roof overhang: 1000mm
Ridge height: 2860mm
Sidewall height: 2340mm

Additional qualities:

  • Garden type, tilt & turn double glazed windows, mm: 1330 x 880mm
  • Garden type, tilt & turn double glazed windows, mm: 700 x 1770mm
  • Garden type, double glazed door, mm: 1400 x 2030mm
  • No finger joints
  • The classic log cabin design

Standard log cabin kit includes:

  • Wallboards
  • Floorboards
  • Roof boards
  • Double-glazed windows and doors

Log cabin Sunray 4.7×3.8m, 70mm

Product qualities

The walls are constructed from 70mm thick timber, making them highly durable and reliable while also looking stunningly beautiful.

This log cabin features Eurodita garden-type double-glazed windows that boast an efficient tilt-turn open system with one handle for one-handed operation. The aluminum weathering strips create weather resistance for long-lasting durability, and the Multi-Point locking system ensures extra security for your property.

The cabin also comes complete with Eurodita Garden type double glazed doors with 5 locking points and a 6-pin Euro Cylinder Lock as well as heavy-duty fully adjustable hinges and top-quality rubber sealing. This superior craftsmanship means you have maximum strength against any weather conditions while still enjoying a pleasurable living environment on the inside.

Log Cabin Sunray 4.7×3.8m, 70mm brings you quality and comfort in the most creative way possible! Enjoy the calm ambiance at any time of day or night, no matter what season! Invest in this long-lasting piece of work that you can rely on for many happy memories throughout your home’s lifetime!

If you have specific requirements for size, interior planning, window type, etc. – simply write up a bespoke order and we will get back to you in 24 hours. You will receive a 3D model of the adjusted log cabin Craig that you can pass on to your clients as your own.

If you like this model as it is now, send us an inquiry and we will begin production. You can also inspect our partner program and see all the benefits you could get if you signed up.

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