Bespoke Log cabin Sofia

Bespoke Log cabin Sofia

Dimensions: 10980mm x 5484mm
Interior dimensions: 8016mm x 5108mm
Wall thickness: 88mm
Floor boards: 28mm
Roof boards: 19mm
Ridge height: 3120mm
Sidewall height: 2340mm

Additional qualities:

  • Residential type, tilt & turn glass windows, mm: 600 x 650, 1350 x 1040 (x6)
  • Residential type, double glazed door (outside), mm: 1420 x 2080, 920 x 2080
  • Residential type door (inside), mm: 920 x 2080 (x2)
  • No finger joints
  • Designed for 2 rooms

Standard log cabin kit includes:

  • Wall boards
  • Floor boards
  • Roof boards
  • Double glazed windows and doors

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Reasons your clients should buy Bespoke log cabin Sofia: 

As log homes suppliers, it’s always easier to help your clients make a wise decision when the product is of obviously great quality. Bespoke log cabin Sofia can be one of these great choices for clients that are looking into getting a cozy cabin, ready to be lived in. It comes with many awesome features:

  • Top quality timber – Eurodita produces all its products from Northern pine. It’s light, sturdy and comes from slow-growing, responsible sources.
  • Cozy design – Sofia retains an ergonomic, yet cozy design. With 2 rooms, it has enough space for all the amenities, a solid bedroom and living room, joined with the kitchen.
  • Thick walls – at 88mm, log cabin Sofia boasts thick glulam walls. Paired with proper insulation, they will be able to withstand even the coldest seasons.
  • 3D models – your customers will be able to see  the digital model of Sofia before it ever touches the production floor. All changes will run through our bespoke order program and we will be able to supply offers with models within 24 hours.
  • Luxury in modesty – bespoke log cabin Sofia is a perfect example of the modest luxury. It has everything necessary for a comfortable living, yet doesn’t skimp on space or quality of the building materials.

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Bespoke Log cabin Sofia

Product qualities

Luxury in modesty – that’s the best way to describe the bespoke log cabin Sofia. A log cabin that houses all the comforts in an ergonomic amount of space. Not to mention the high quality timber used in the production process. Sofia is truly a wise choice for any of your customers, looking to incorporate both the luxury comforts and modest space requirements. Log cabin Sofia can also serve as a great base for your customer’s personal choices while building a bespoke log cabin in 3D space. We usually present a full 3D model within 24 hours together with a full offer. Press the order button bellow to place your order. Also, check out our partner program for more information about future cooperation.

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