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Winter is coming: advantages and disadvantages on staying in a log cabin

Staying in a small log cabin during winter can be a very romantic and cozy idea. Happily crackling fire, a warm drink and slowly falling snowflakes behind the window. It’s a pretty picture and one that can be achieved with almost any log cabin or contemporary log houses. However, just like with any dream, there’s always a reality to check against, just to be safe.

In this post, we at Eurodita will share our knowledge about advantages and disadvantages of staying at a log cabin home during winter. The cold and extra dampness posses unique challenges that you should be aware of and prepare for before going to your local glulam house wholesaler.


Close to the mountains – if you’re an avid skier or a snowboarder, winter is probably your favourite season. That is why your own log cabin in the mountains, near the slopes, is a dream come true. Everything is close by, no need to trek long paths or go on bus transfers each time you want to go down the mountain. Simply hop onto the elevator and enjoy your slope.

Close to the forest – a forest in the winter offers many great activities that may not be very popular, but are surely rewarding. First of, there’s cross country trekking on specialised skis. It’s a great activity that can take a better part of the day and a rest in your own cabin after a long trek is a reward in and of itself Naturally, winter time hunters can also find benefits in a forest side log cabin. Not just as a place of rest, but also as a great way to display your trophies on the log walls and over the mantelpiece. A great option for winter activities is slalom with huskies. It’s especially popular in the northern regions and offers a great adventure, which ends in a cozy log cabin.

Full use of BBQ hut – a glulam timber frame house in winter would not be complete without a Kota grill cabin. We wrote extensively about the advantages of having a BBQ hut and its full potential in our previous post. Suffice it to say that a sauna inside a log structure is a great winter experience.


Need to keep warm – since temperatures drop well bellow zero, the need to keep the log cabin home warm arises fast. Whether it’s chopped wood, pressed wooden bricks or other types of fuel, during winter it will be a constant investment. If your log home is situated in a forest and you’re allowed to chop down trees for fuel, your issues are significantly smaller. However, if you don’t have such option, you should also take into account transporting of said fuel and bulk-buying enough for the whole season.

Risk of getting stuck – Winter weather can get capricious and depending on your glulam log home location, getting to and out of your log cabin can get tricky. With heavy snowfall, most cars, no matter how large, will struggle getting you out of the snowed over countryside. Always keep the weather at the back of your mind when retreating to your log cabin. Check for municipal snow removal efforts and plan your stay around it.

Unwanted wildlife – although in winter, majority of wildlife goes to slumber, there are still some animals that remain active. Particularly rodents and small birds. These animals remain active and seek shelter from cold and predators. Which is why your heated log cabin can become a primary target for warmth, trash, water and leftover food. As soon as you get to your glulam beams house, check for small nooks and crannies and make sure to cover them against small wildlife.

These are the main advantages and disadvantages when building or purchasing your own contemporary log cabin home kit. Keep in mind that which ever location you choose to build it in, always keep in mind the weather patterns, local fauna and your primary needs. If the log home serves all or a majority of the functions covered here, you found yourself a good deal. Never hesitate to consult a log home supplier to offer you the option that serves your needs the best. And if you feel unsure, nothing stops you from getting a second opinion. Good luck!

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