Log Garages & Carports

Cars need to have a roof over them too. That is why we present our timber garages and carports, all made from the same Northern pine. Each model is unique in shape or size and can be adjusted via bespoke order. All product cards contain technical information to make it easier for you to decide on the right model for your customer.

At Eurodita, we are your bespoke manufacturer of choices. Choose from our range, or send an inquiry for custom dimensions, materials, or products. In our home page form, enter the details of your desired product: from dimensions to specifications, we manufacture log structures that fit the needs of your business.

Whether you work in wholesale or retail, we’ll adapt to you. We are capable of producing bulk orders of extreme volumes that excel in the quality of a variety of log types and deliver the best private-labelled log structures to your customers. Eurodita is a global log structure supplier: we operate in continents across the globe and deliver log structures either ourselves or through our network. Place an order and rest assured: we will take care of delivery. If you place a bespoke order, please plan for us to have enough time to manufacture your custom, made to measure log structures, and deliver them on time.

Log garages and carports

We have a wide selection of log garages and carports made from top quality log structures. Choose from a wide variety of custom-designed log garages and carports — we provide realtors and cabin retailers with wooden garages that come in different sizes and serve several purposes. We give our dealers the choice to choose from single-car structures to timber double garages. Constructed using the best log structures in the market, our Log Garage Cabins are easy-to-assemble and feature insulated walls that protect vehicles from rain and snow. We offer special discounts to partners for bulk purchases. We maintain close professional relationships with transport and logistics companies across the globe to ensure quick, on-time delivery. All of our log garages and carports have European Building Standard Compliance. At Eurodita, we can manufacture bespoke log garages and carports: give details of your custom requirements, and we will manufacture log homes for you in bulk.

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