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Are log cabin homes warmer and 4 other pressing question

Before purchasing any home there are a lot of questions that need to be addressed. It’s no different with log cabin homes. Whether you are purchasing log cabin homes yourself, or are looking to start a business, there are some general questions people are going to ask. Especially if you are looking to become a log home supplier, you should have some of these answered prepared – for yourself and your customer. So, in this post, we at Eurodita have put together the quickest and most common answers that will help you navigate the log cabin homes purchasing or selling process.

Are log cabin homes warmer?

Glulam-Log-Cabine-Serenade-300×231.jpeg” alt=”log cabin homes” width=”300″ height=”231″ /> Log cabin homes are warmer due to timber’s insulation properties

A lot of customers may ask this question, especially if they stayed in log cabin homes recreationally. Basically, it’s not the imagination. Wood is a good insulator compared to the standard brick buildings. In very basic terms, insulation is a material that slows or otherwise limits the transfer of heat over time. Timber is an extremely good insulator, slowing the transfer of the heat. The Norther pine we use in our production is especially good at preserving the heat on the inside of log cabin homes. So yes, log cabins can be warmer and it’s safe to say they are naturally insulated.

Can I get a loan for building log cabin homes?

This question totally depends on where you are in the world. Depending on legislation, loan requirements might be different. However, there are general ways to look at it. Loans and mortgages are relatively easy to obtain for the construction of standard brick homes. But banks and mortgage companies can be slow to give out loans for non-standard constructions. Log cabin homes fall into this category. However, there are still ways to get funding, whether partial, or total, especially if you’re looking to build for a business. Research your local legislation and look into your options.

Do log cabins have insulation?

contemporary log cabins
Modern approach to log cabin homes

Not only do they have natural insulation already mentioned, log cabin homes can also be further insulated. Contemporary log cabin homes are becoming more and more similar to main residences and modern design solutions that classic log homes. We at Eurodita provide various levels of insulation, from totally natural insulation, to double-layer walls, prepped for full insulation. All in all, current glulam log cabins are suitable for all types of weather conditions.

Are log home kits worth it?

As with every type of building, there are pros and cons. The pros of choosing log cabin homes over the standard housing are

  • The sustainable approach to reforestation that a lot of producers are taking.
  • The flexibility of design offered by glulam log cabins.
  • And the energy efficiency that log cabin homes offer due to their natural insulation properties.

Some of the cons are:

  • The potentially difficult loan, mortgage and even insurance process.
  • Higher maintenance needs (depending on the model and build of the log cabin).

Some more subjective pros and cons have to do with the preferences of each potential owner. Consider what purpose will your log house serve and pick the model that adheres to those preferences.

Do log homes hold value over time?

bespoke log cabins
Location and maintenance determines the value of log cabin homes

In short – no. With good maintenance and desirable location, log cabin homes will hold their value over a long period of time. People are finding more and more interest into sustainable, nature-oriented residences and log cabin homes are at the forefront of this movement.

Final thoughts

Building log cabin homes is still a big investment. Whether from a financial perspective, or time consumption – decisions made during purchasing, construction, design and others will determine the comfort of living and how well will the log cabin homes serve as residences. There will be a lot of questions in regards to purchasing and construction, so take time to answer them all, ready the plan of action and build some beautiful log cabin homes.

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