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5 great questions about contemporary log cabins in one post

Posted Jun 02, 2021, Category: Advice

Contemporary log cabins are becoming increasingly popular choice for a residence. Worldwide, it’s expected that log cabin market will grow 6.5% and reach $174.6 billion by 2025. This is huge in terms of growth and an awesome time to start working in the industry as a log cabins supplier. That said, we at Eurodita know a lot about starting out in this market. With more customers come more demand and more questions arise about the possibilities of living in contemporary log cabins. So in this post, we have put together some popular questions our partners receive from their customers and answered them.

Is it possible to live permanently in contemporary log cabins?

contemporary log cabins
Some contemporary log cabins look and feel modern and even futuristic.

Absolutely. With current material technology, contemporary log cabins are more than suitable for permanent living. It’s unfortunate that many people still perceive glulam log cabins as summer retreats or a place to stay temporarily. However, houses built with glulam don’t really have size limits anymore and can become a comfortable and spacious place to live in.

Can I build a log cabin by myself?

It is possible to build contemporary log cabins on your own. The question is: why would you? Cabin kits and modular log cabins can be prefabricated and in some cases pre-constructed by producers such as Eurodita. All that’s left then is the transport, which is usually covered by the producer as well. As a log cabins supplier, you can offer your customers an easier access to beautiful contemporary log cabins without the extra hassle of finding the right contractors or slowly building the log cabin, plank by plank.

Can I install running water and electricity into contemporary log cabins?

Yes. Contemporary log cabins can be equipped with all comforts and amenities, just like a normal residential house. Plumbing, running water, electricity and even gas can be installed inside the glulam log cabin. This flexibility is part of the reason why contemporary log cabins are becoming so popular among people who are looking for alternative places to live in permanently. Even though cabins are built from glulam, look and feel like timber housing, they can fully serve the function of a residential house.

Can contemporary log cabins be insulated?

Glulam-Garden-office-Harrow-Winter-300×194.jpeg” alt=”” width=”300″ height=”194″ /> Insulated contemporary log cabins can be used all year round.

Yes. While some producers insulate contemporary log cabins themselves, we at Eurodita do not. We prepare the construction for insulation, however. We build glulam log cabins with double-layered walls, roofs and floors. This allows for swift and easy installation of insulating material of customer’s choice. Our glulam log cabins are also build with double-glazed windows and doors, making them suitable for every season.

Is there something else I must know about contemporary log cabins?

There are a few things to keep in mind before purchasing contemporary log cabins. One is that all of them are usually built on a concrete foundation. That is something your customers will need to keep in mind. It’s also a service that you as the log cabins supplier could offer. Another thing to keep in mind is that contemporary log cabins are more susceptible to fire hazard than standard housing. This is of course due to the nature of timber. It’s possible to mitigate some of this hazard with proper anti-inflammatory paints, however, we advise to warn your customers about this fact in order to keep their purchasing decisions informed.

Final thoughts

Contemporary log cabins are slowly becoming a popular solution for many new and secondary home owners. With an increased interest of moving out of the cities and into rural areas, it’s quite likely the demand is only gonna grow, reaching or even overtaking those 2025 projections. If you want to catch the wave and join other log cabins suppliers as our partners, now it’s time to reach out and talk business!

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