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Garden log cabin: 5 things to ask before buying

Whether you’re investing in a simple log shed, or a full-blown log cabin for remote office work, there is some basic information you should acquire before purchasing any garden building. In this post, we will cover 5 basic questions that pop up while buying a garden building and what to look for while making the decision. We will take samples from our portfolio to showcase the instructions how each of them answers these questions and covers them.

What will your garden cabin be used for? 

If it is a place of storage, and the items you store are not temperature-sensitive, a simple log shed might be exactly what you’re looking for. In this case, our 19mm log sheds are a great example of what to watch for. Simple construction, light materials, compact size – everything you need to store your gardening equipment throughout the year. However, if you’re looking to be spending some time in there yourself, or your storage items are temperature sensitive, we recommend something of thicker walls and insulation capabilities. A garden room could be an option in this case. Comfortable size and elegant design allows it to double up as an office or a place of respite. And if you’re planning to use it yourself throughout the window, we recommend small, standard log cabins that have variety of wall thickness and can offer good insulation.

Where do you plan to build it? 

Depending on the regulation in your area, most building that are no more than 2,5m tall will not require special permits. This means that majority of our log cabins and garden sheds will be perfect for the back garden. However, if the plan is to build something more extensive, it will require a bit more planning and paperwork. Best course is to check with your local building authority before going for an extensive building.

How big will your building be?

This is greatly related to the question number 2. Your garden could be very small, but still contain a garden shed, or a small garden room. If your garden is big enough to contain full glulam log cabins, then it’s a perfect match. Now, if you have that extra patch of land that you plan to turn into a remote garden or a crop growing location, there you can get more creative. Standard log cabins like Freemount can help you not only store the necessary items further away from home, but also provide a place of rest after a long day of working on your garden. However, a log cabin such as that will surely require more space, so your back yard might be too small.

What type of timber do you want to use? 

The quality of timber used in glulam log cabins will directly impact the amount of time they will serve you without issues. Here at Eurodita we use Northern pine – a superior quality timber that is very sturdy, is sourced from responsible, slow-growing forest regions and is light in colour. The glue lamination process reinforces the logs, which makes them last even longer. We always encourage to look for quality, even in the simple garden sheds.

What kind of warranty is guaranteed? 

Whichever log cabins supplier you choose to go with, make sure to read the fine print. Make sure to not fall for exceptionally long-term guarantees even if the log cabin is raw. You will need to take care of it and coat it with protective stains in order to keep it serving you longer. Discuss warranty conditions with your supplier extensively and if you’re not happy, there are a lot of log home suppliers out there that can offer you what you need. Simply keep your eyes open.

Final thoughts

We often say that purchasing a log cabin is a long-term investment. It’s not a simple consumer good that can be thrown away after a couple year’s use. That is why even the simple garden shed needs to be considered carefully, all the measurements taken, permits taken care of and maintenance thought through. Make sure your decision is informed and always talk to your log homes suppliers extensively. That way, you will arrive to your perfect garden log cabin that you’re always dreamed of.