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Contemporary log cabins

Welcome to the future of log houses. Here you will see our newest, most modern log house designs. Spacious, residential quality and tall, open windows are the cornerstone of current offers. This section is by far the most cutting-edge, so don’t hesitate to add these models to your catalogue.

The times when you had to wait for ages to get the high-quality products is over. Eurodita present you Contemporary log cabins, a simple, premium and easy to build housing option you and your clients will love. Contemporary log cabins are a great housing option, whether you’re looking for a few houses to live in by yourself, or a bigger bunch to sell to your clients. Compared to the basic garden shed, these Contemporary log cabins are far more comfortable and have a more advanced, premium feel in them.

They are all made out of the highest quality Siberian spruce, a kind of timber, that truly deserves to be called “premium”, and nothing short of that. The high-class garden sheds are easy to build, so it won’t be the case, that a high-quality product will take ages to be constructed. And you better believe – these Contemporary log cabins are an easy solution to a difficult problem. Spacious rooms, beautiful and big double glazed windows, wooden doors, who look just as good as in any premium chalet – many countries all around the world are still choosing the difficult, more expensive option that takes ages to build – Eurodita and our residential log cabins are sure to change quite a few minds.

And do you have an idea how your very own beautiful log cabins are supposed to look and feel like? Contact our team and we will make sure to make your visions come true and your customers will be happy with every purchase. We build our log cabins using Italian machinery and German accessories but we use the customisation offered by you. We ensure quality from the beginning to the very end of the process, we offer you house plans, full customisation by your demands and even more than that. Join the housing revolution – join your forces with Eurodita.

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