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What type of businesses benefit most from working with Eurodita?

Eurodita is a company, specialising in manufacturing private label homes. This means that our timber products like bespoke houses, custom mobile homes or log cabin homes are made for variety of businesses and purposes. We work in many ways. Some of our partners come with a single, large project. Others work with us as log homes wholesalers and order in bulk. Whichever the way, we treasure our partners and take great strides in providing them with all necessary project support.

In this post, we would like to introduce benefits each partner can get for their business while working with us. Each type of partner we work with will have our full attention and support throughout each project.

Traders and construction companies 

Eurodita has built its reputation on being a reliable production partner. Traders that don’t want to invest in expensive production lines and would rather focus on their strengths – sales and marketing – find us a great choice for a partner. For traders, we can produce in bulk or a single custom order. We can provide customised offers with our partners’ branding, while they can fill out their portfolio with our models. It’s like we have never even been there. We position ourselves as a remote factory our partners don’t need to worry about.

Same goes for construction companies that specialise in building the log homes. Constructing them on site and producing them are two very different processes, both require skilled specialists and investment in technology and people. We handle the production side of business while our partners put together the log homes we create for them. It’s not uncommon for construction companies and traders to partner up or offer all of these services, while outsourcing their private label homes to us.

Architects and designers 

Eurodita is especially proud of our ability to produce unique, bespoke log cabins, houses and other constructs. That is why we are often the choice of architects and designers – partners that work with individual orders. These projects often turn out to be unique and challenging, extending our own knowledge and the capabilities of our production line. These bespoke orders result in never before seen designs, especially in our log houses and contemporary log cabin kits.

Private property developers and recreation industry 

We work with partners from private property market, providing log homes wholesale. Our production line is very scalable, allowing us to produce houses for entire city, town or suburb blocks. The same goes for partners from the recreation industry. Camping sites are on the rise, especially due to the new glamping (i.e. glamorous camping) trend among the younger campers is helping this industry grow. We are happy to adapt to the new trends, making us an ideal partner for an investor in camping site development. We produce quality camping pods and BBQ huts in large quantities to accommodate this trend. We can also make sure of their delivery, in some cases even fully constructed.

Specialty supermarkets

In our economic segment, we work with supermarkets that require a large quantity of garden sheds and cabins to be present in their warehouses at all times and in their showrooms. We provide such cabins, utilising the scalability of our production line. Even in this case, we can produce many different designs and construction sets, allowing each supermarket to choose their own, unique design. This makes us a reliable log cabins supplier for supermarket chains that specialise in gardening, home fixing and construction.

Partner network 

To build this partner network of companies that trust us as a producer, we have developed a partner program, which we are very happy to talk about. Our current partners record up to 20% increases in profits after starting work with us, largely due to our quality, quick delivery and design options. We are always looking for opportunities to expand this worldwide network by inviting more partners to join in. Not only will you receive an increase in profits, but also acquire a reliable production partner whose manufacturing capabilities are scalable together with your growth. Our delivery policy is focused on fast and damage-free delivery, no matter the location. Consider joining this network of successful businesses. To do that, you can simply contact us via our partner program site and we will be more than happy to sit down and talk business with you.

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