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In our showcase series, we present another one of our glulam log houses – Riga. This log house was a two-storey project, with 4 bedrooms and beautiful, residential quality design. It’s spacious, with the roof adorned by dormers, while the back entrance leads to a cozy terrace. Glulam log house Riga is meant for clients that are looking for traditional design that speaks luxury. In this showcase, we will show how the materials and techniques we use invoke that luxury and how bespoke production can improve event the best design choices. Without further ado, this is the glulam log house Riga and all the great things about it.

Premium materials

Luxury lives and dies by the materials it is made with. Glulam log house Riga asserts itself with premium Northern pine – a timber sturdy by nature. It grows slowly, each ring enforcing the durability of the material. Once it goes through the process of glue lamination, this material becomes even stronger and harder. Yet the best parts about Northern timber is its colour and adaptability. It’s very light, allowing every pigment to retain its true colour. It’s also usably in many construction scenarios, not least of which are bespoke log cabins and houses that we will cover shortly.

More than that, this timber can be used to build residential quality windows and doors, which glulam log house Riga has. In its standard form, the way you see it in the picture, it has everything that’s made out of wood and arrives to your customer’s location ready to be assembled. All you will need to do is get the rooftop shingles and the interior. Properly maintained – which includes dyeing every 2 – 3 years depending on weather conditions –  glulam log homes such as Riga will stand for many decades.

Bespoke construction 

At Eurodita, we pride ourselves in being the bespoke manufacturers of dreams. That was how the glulam log house Riga was born. It was someone’s dream to have a residential quality log home that we had the pleasure of designing and building. There are several steps to how we work on the bespoke orders we receive.

First, collect all the information from our partner. This includes sizes, styles and design requirements. As it was with the log house Riga, the design requirement was a classic look with cozy and high-end elements. We delivered on this first with 3D models. For this, we utilise a system, which allows us to provide our partners with virtual models of final log homes their clients wanted to see. Because of our private label approach to each project, partners were able to use that 3D model for their own offers.

Finally, as glulam log house Riga was digitally born in its final form, we put it to production. Our partners who place the order always receive their glulam beams houses flat packed and ready to be constructed. Every kit will have everything our partners need to build a full wooden frame, with solid, residential quality windows and doors, as well as internal walls and other structures upon request.

Two-storey design

Glulam log house Riga houses 4 bedrooms in its original design, two on the first floor and two on the second. That makes it perfect for a family of four or five to stay in comfortably. It also leaves a lot of room for creative design solutions. An open living room area, merged with kitchen. A private workroom. A dining room. A cosy reading nook under a sloping roof. All are possible creations within the bounds of glulam log house Riga. Interior design is left completely up to our partners or their clients. We simply provide the best canvas that they could use.

Worth the effort

All bespoke log homes are worth the time and effort put into them. Nothing is quite like building and decorating a new home and log houses are no exception. Especially because they can be made by design, according to strict details and desires of your clients. Glulam log house Riga is but one example. Our catalogue is full of log houses that have been built on order and we are proud to present and offer to other partners as well.

All of them, just like log house Riga, are built from sturdy Northern pine that went through the strengthening glue lamination process. They all have in their construction kits residential quality windows and doors, and all are transported to the location flat packed, ready to be constructed.

The effort is absolutely worth it on our part and we always hope that our partners will think the same. We offer you most flexible orders our production lines permit and will deliver on every occasion.


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