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As another entry to our Showcase series, we turn to our line of Grillikota’s or as they are known in the English-speaking world – Kota grills. This time we would like to present a larger iteration of this Finish invention – the double Kota grill we called Seasons. We were inspired to name this BBQ hut because of its design. As BBQ huts manufacturer, we decided to offer not just the classic Finish social grilling experience, but also the substitute for bespoke summer houses. That’s how the double BBQ hut was born. Seasons is our largest entry into this style, with enough room for the grill room on one end and a full bedroom on the other end.


Quick BBQ huts history

Originating from Finland, BBQ hut was known as goahti – a temporary dwelling, used by the indigenous Sami people, who lived in territories of Finland, Sweden, Norway and the Koala Peninsula. It was a structure built on four central poles that leaned towards the centre pole, forming the semi-oval structure. It was perfectly transportable and the Sami people used to move them with their domesticated reindeer herds. Over time, the goahti become a permanent structure, although ordering it with Eurodita, it’s still possible to move the structure afterwards, if it’s not too large.

Social grilling

From the olden days of goahti, BBQ huts have been centred around the social experience. Now, when you have a grill in the middle of a hexagonal room, it’s almost impossible to not talk to each other. It’s a great option for clients who are social people and would like to have this full, rustic experience every time they light up that grill.

To maintain the sense of authenticity, Eurodita’s kits have moose antlers as accent for the door, moose fur for the benches, pillows and wooden flowerpots – all possible to be ordered as part of the construction kit. We can even upgrade the grill to a luxury option for more experienced grilling enthusiasts.

BBQ huts are a perfect example of modern construction solutions being merged with age-old tradition that still maintain the same core aspect: the experience of social living.

Bespoke options

Just like with most of our products, BBQ hut Seasons can be adapted with a bespoke order. Changes in size, wall thickness, even type of grill with benches and pillows included – that is possible with Eurodita. Our partners are more than happy to order these BBQ huts often and make changes to them according to the demands of their clients. With Eurodita, it’s as easy as filling out a form and answering a few questions if something is unclear. For completely new designs, we even accept hand drawings and sketches to get an idea of what our partner’s client might want.

This is all possible due to our custom software we built together with a team of programmers that lets us issue accurate offers to our partners with 3D models of the BBQ huts and fair pricing.

BBQ huts delivery and assembly 

All of our BBQ huts on offer can be delivered straight to our partner’s clients. They are produced in blocks that can be assembled together without much professional help. While the bigger models like BBQ hut Seasons might need more help from construction workers, tiny ones from our selection can be assembled fairly easily by the end customer.

Partners welcome

We are very happy in working with our partners for a long period of time. We are able to communicate about their orders and needs so effortlessly, we can produce the final offer in less than a day. We are always welcoming new partners, those that are looking to improve the general quality of their portfolio by adding our BBQ huts. Change your BBQ huts supplier now into Eurodita. Look through our partner program and see if the benefits are right for you.




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