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Log and colour: how to pick nature colours for your log cabin?

In our series of posts about glulam house design, we have covered some general ideas and design choices to follow. The interior design is truly a place where you can let your creativity shine. However, even the best creative ideas need a good plan of action to be fully fleshed out.

In this post, we will take time to cover the most important aspect of interior design. Some might call it the foundation to build upon. That is of course the colour. Early on in your planning, when you already know the basic sketch of the log cabin, it’s important to choose a good colour scheme. This will serve you as a strong foundation to build upon. It does not have to be all wooden and brown. Next to the plain wood there can always be a secondary colour that livens up the space.

With our 27 years of experience in log cabin production, we at Eurodita can share our knowledge. Not just in exterior design and technical specs, but also about interior design choices for your new, glulam beams house. So, without further ado, let’s cover some colours that can contribute to your log home design.


The lightness of white will open up your log cabin home. White walls and furniture will add a sense of breeze to any space. Not to mention accents like linen, bedside lamps and curtains. This colour will fit many types of wooden houses, but especially ones made from darker timber. It also goes well with small cabin kits, since it does so well opening up all spaces. You can also never really go too far with white. Walls and furniture in white will always look good and go well with any details.


The antithesis to white. Black is a firm, somber colour that always adds the sense of classy. It always needs to be used sparingly, mostly on non-permanent furniture and accents. For example, if you order a log home kit that is made of Northern pine, black is a great contrast. Northern pine is known for its light colour and all of our glulam log houses are made of it. Use black kitchen set to contrast with the light walls. Or set up a central black couch in front of the fireplace. Remember that in contrast with white, black shrinks the spaces, so if any room in your new log home feels too big, black is a great option to bring the space into coziness.


A popular choice, often called the new “neutral” of the 21st century. Green goes exceptionally well with all wooden patterns, because it’s so abundantly present in nature. All lighter shades of green will go timelessly with any glulam house design. Teal and lime on the other hand can make playful, fun accents. Most important aspect of green is how it fits with the wood. Whether you choose glulam planks or full logs – any type of timber you choose will go well with green. They’re just natural allies, reflecting the nature surrounding your log cabin.


A shade that can be turned towards warmer or colder tone and hence converted for different purposes. It’s a great option for bedrooms, studies, reading nooks and even garden rooms. Blue has been proven to have positive psychological effect towards concentration and focus. Paired with white or yellow, it can be a great accent that brings vibrancy and coziness. In seaside-themed cabin interior design, blue is the go-to colour to convey that ocean vibe. Overall it’s a great choice as an accent colour and blue details can riddle the log home fearlessly.

Yellow and orange

Two colours that are great by themselves, but should be used sparingly. When done well, yellow and orange accents can bring in liveliness and a sense of friendly generosity to the log home. Orange hues need to be picked extra carefully: most of timber logs have orange undertones in themselves, so it’s very easy to pick shade that clashes with your natural timber. Only think about picking orange when your log home is built and wood finishes are applied. That’s when you will see the final hue of your walls and can really pick which orange can go with your log cabin.

Yellow is always used sparingly by designers. Studies have shows that people get into arguments much more often if surrounded by yellow colour. However, when picked for certain accents in a log home, it can bring the sense of friendliness and really liven up the room.


This colour is usually associated with royalty and prestige, but can be tricky to pair with a wooden pattern. It requires a great deal of matching when looking for the right hue. Bright purple can be too opulent, while lavender can be too bland. Be careful when going through this side of the pallet. If done right, the results can be absolutely stunning. This is a colour that requires a lot of work, but the rewards will up your contemporary log home plans to the next level.

Here we covered only several popular colours that are often used for log cabin interior design. We always recommend consulting with a professional, be it constructing glulam house kits or designing their interior. More than anything, make sure your log home flourishes with whatever colour you choose. Match your creativity with the possibilities made real in your new log home. Good luck!


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