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Are you looking for pre-built or bespoke?

Pre-built, or bespoke? We have the answer. 

Eurodita, the bespoke manufacturer of choice for businesses of any size, is the right choice. You can choose from pre-built log structures or ask for a custom order. For companies just starting to grow, the term “bespoke” may seem intimidating. However, our model is suitable for both one-off orders and large-scale manufacturing runs. We’ll be explaining our product range and the differences in pre-built and bespoke-made log structures here at Eurodita.

Made from the best Nordic timber.

Our log structures are made from high-quality Nordic wood and built to last. Nordic timber is extremely durable and highly insulating. It is also highly aesthetic to the eye. This particular home is made of glued laminated timber, which provides excellent ventilation and up to 30% more thermal resistance. They are also very easy to assemble, contrary to what you might think.

Homes and holiday homes:

Log homes and log cabins are ideal for both holiday-seekers and homeowners.


The camping pods and cabins are like a film set. They are self-contained and resemble mini-hotels that campers can use. They are root-proof, thermo-proof, water-proof and hard-weather-resistant, with double locks to maximise security.

Parking premises:

Eurodita offers a variety of single-car and two-car garages. These garages are easy to assemble and provide all the necessary protection for your vehicle from rain, snow and rust. They also have insulated walls.

Family & Friends:

We offer a variety of BBQ huts to make it easy for you and your family to spend quality time together. Our authentic BBQ huts are comfortable, suitable for all weather conditions, and can accommodate the right number of people. They are also eco-friendly.


Eurodita’s newest offering is modern glulam gardens rooms. We are innovating log structures to create glued logs that have unique swivel angles. These characteristics make log structures stand out and provide customers with unique architectural solutions specifically designed for gardening.

This is a huge difference.

Bespoke can be used by those who are looking for something unique.

As the name implies, Bespoke is made for you and manufactured just for you. Bespoke is tailored to your needs, wants and desires. This is what makes this the best choice.

We have adapted our business model to be able offer bespoke structures even for single order — that is, if your request is for a log home, garden area, or any Eurodita, we can make it.

The costs are not nearly as high as you might think.

Retailers have the opportunity to stand out with bespoke structures. They can eliminate competition, break the cycle of price-driven pricing, and attract customers who want something different.

Each house can be designed and built individually. Our team of architects will handle all necessary calculations and permits to make sure that your house meets safety regulations. Additionally, our market-leading computer technology will create the structures you envision.

The software instantly generates detailed blueprints and 3D drawing for you order. You can also decide where each element should be placed.

It takes more time to fulfill a bespoke order but it is not as long. This is why it is the perfect choice.

Premade is the most readily available option.

Pre-made is best for retailers who want to increase their market offerings and single consumers who need log structures right away.

You can save time by having it already manufactured.

It is tested and proven to be true to market so it will not pose a problem for you in marketing.

It doesn’t require personalisation so it is more affordable.

It’s still the Eurodita Standard — durable, aesthetic and trusted by market.

We have everything you need.

Eurodita can deliver, no matter if you want something custom or pre-made. You can find more information about the Log Homes and Log Cabins in our product catalogs. If you want to place a bespoke order or generally discuss the possibilities of building something together, get in touch.