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The Showcase Glulam log home Tavernier

With the 27 years we have been working as private label home decor makers We at Eurodita have built up quite a collection of log homes. Many styles, functions, size – we now provide something to each customer and their ever-growing list of partners. This isn’t to suggest that our product range isn’t growing. However with each production of customized campers’ cabins and log homes custom log houses, BBQ huts and more, we expand our range of products.

As part of the Showcase series, we’d like to provide an overview of the log house models that we’ve before constructed. We will discuss the main design concept and the best places for construction, as well as potential interior design ideas for your customers.

Log home qualities

In this Showcase we present the Tavernier log house made of glulam. A modern log home style with two levels and two sections that are connected with the corridor. The corridor is ideal for its speed, as it is able to connect from the front into the backyard. The log home has an open area of transitory which connects to every corner of the structure.

When you’ve chosen the direction you’ll take through the hallway, let’s look at the first floor. This is the area for living in which the bulk of everyday activities take place. When you walk via the entrance, to the left side is the large living and kitchen area that are joined into one. It is an ideal spot for a fireplace to create a unique element to the prefab house made of glulam by putting up large high-ceilinged windows that offer an impressive outside view. There’s plenty of room to install a bathroom as well as a shower set up and with a bit of planning, even the possibility of an inside sauna.

On the left end of the corridor there is an area smaller and steps that lead up. There is a lot of room to be imaginative with their own homes. A reading space in the back of the stairs is an appealing idea by adding the suitable windows. There’s enough room to design a room or a bedroom. Perhaps even a workspace or two might be a good fit. Or, to the right side of the log home, there is an area for storage with doors opening to the yard.

We will then go to the top of the stairs. The second floor is one space to the right of log homes kits. this is the ideal space to create two bedrooms. The staircase is located at the center, guests can pick which door to go through without disturbing the privacy of one another. The landing of the staircase can serve as a small area for seating or a few home plants.

Garden and the location

Homes constructed with glulam can be quite common, and are suitable for distant summer homes or log homes in suburban areas. Particularly, glulam log houses Tavernier will probably work well as a summer house in the vicinity of a forest or lake. With doors that open out to the garden from every angle this is a great house to build a big garden around.

With its clean, elongated design, Tavernier is a perfect log home that can be used to create the garden or an efficient forest garden around it. The house’s design is a perfect fit for an organized, square shape for the garden. These specific glulam frame house designs are also able to accommodate two seating areas outdoors. The front one and the back one at the back. With two different sections of the glulam design that create zones of protection, it’s the perfect home for people who enjoy spending time outside. Also, with a well-planned and attractive landscape to enjoy it’s a great option.

Glulam Log house Tavernier can accommodate four people with plenty of space. It is also an excellent reason to build an autoport close to this log home to create an additional, organized space to park cars. Overall, Taverner tends to be a more utilitarian style, with roofs and window choices that are stylish enough to not appear to be purely engineered and not created.

If you enjoy what your reading and have a friend who might like this design, contact us and we’ll provide you with prices that are based on the technical features that the home. In addition, if you’re seeking an experienced glulam construction partner but are trying to find one that will meet your requirements, you should check out the Partners Program. Our partners have seen a rise in profits during their first year joining us. If there is something you are interested in, send us an email and let’s discuss about business. We wish you the best of luck!

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