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In our showcase series, we will also give some attention to our standard log cabins. This time, the centrepiece is the log cabin Borneo. One of classic, cozy log homes on our catalogue. It has a comfortable single-room construction and ergonomic space that is fit for creativity. With only one room, your clients can decide how they want to decorate the open space and make divisions they feel are necessary. Beautiful front porch, secured from the elements by the rooftop extension is yet another great addition to this traditional glulam log cabins design. Elegant French style doors add a certain charm to the general look of the log cabin.

Bespoke orders

All glulam log cabins on our catalogue can serve as excellent bases for the dream log cabins your clients would want. As bespoke manufacturers of dreams, we hold it our duty to deliver the closest possible design to the client’s order. We achieve this by providing our partners with 3D models of the log cabin. We work with a system that we have developed ourselves and which lets us work with our partners incredibly efficiently. It allows us to build an immensely detailed log cabin floor plans and present them for further changes. We then analyse the feedback from our partners and make adjustments to the model, until it is satisfactory. More than that, we generate the price estimate within minutes, based on the 3D model built on the partner requirements. Only after we confirm each step of the process do we put the model into production.

So, for example, we could alter the log cabin Borneo in many ways. We could increase the dimensions, alter the size of the porch, lift the rooftop up, change the types of windows that come with the standard kit. On the interior side of things, we can produce interior walls and add inside doors, change the thickness of the floorboards and roof boards, prepare the walls for insulation. And these are very basic alterations that we can make. It all depends on the requirements that our partners make and as log cabin manufacturers, we are ready to oblige. We cannot say that absolutely everything is possible, but we can surely offer a lot of flexibility on our part.

Intricate design

As mentioned earlier, the software we use can generate incredibly detailed models of any log cabins. It also allows us to draw up floor plans, so that you would have a better idea of what is would take to build the glulam log cabin on your client’s property. Using our bespoke order system, you can give us a detailed description of the log cabin your customers are looking for. Not just size or roof type, but also the purpose the cabin will serve, so we can show appropriate interior design images. This way, your customer will find it easier to imagine how the log cabin will look in its final form and will be more inclined to purchase it. You can also attach an image or a sketch of the dream log house for us to work on.

Preserving the cabin

As with all our products, our standard log cabins, including Borneo, are made from exceptionally high quality timber. It’s called Northern pine and as its namesake, it grows in the northern hemisphere. The slow growth of this tree makes its extra sturdy, its strength only empowered through the glue lamination process. Yet even though the log cabin Borneo will likely stand the test of a long time, it still needs to be taken care of. The inherent light colour of the Northern pine lets every pigment retain its original colour. That colour must also be covered with protective varnish that blocks the sunlight and strengthens the paint underneath. There are also outdoor dyes that have both features and will protect the log cabin well. Yet we will always recommend applying a fresh coat of paint every 2-3 years to maintain the look and the quality of the glulam cabin.

Even though our log cabins often come as standard, we always have bespoke log cabins for sale and for production. With Eurodita as your production partners, you will no longer need to turn away customers that demand too much. All you will need to do is to find out in detail what it is exactly they want.



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