Modern technology in a traditional log cabin business

Posted Sep 11, 2020, Category: Business

Log home manufacture is considered one of business classics. Log cabins are notoriously popular in the United Kingdom, as a lot of people still have their back yards and opt for garden sheds or full log cabins to place there. Also, in Scandinavian countries, it’s popular for citizens to live in the city and go to stay out in the country side in their log homes that also have saunas on the side. Not to mention the classic pastime of camping in camping pods or building your own BBQ hut to stay in.

This classic segment services ever younger people and newer generations. Eurodita, together with our partners and competitors, had to adapt to ever growing demands of the market. So, we have decided to employ new technologies that made our production more long-lasting and our customer service smoother. Even the most traditional companies have to keep up with changing times in order to maintain their competitive advantage. Eurodita has been in business for 27 years – not long by some measures – yet long enough to know that improving business practices does not equal loosing your company identity. If anything, improvement and adoption of new and improved technology can help enhance that image and keep it reliable in the eyes of our partners.

Glue lamination of timber

While the process itself is not new – the very fact that glue lamination causes less greenhouse gas emissions that producing steel has made it a more popular choice. Glue lamination allows timber to be pushed together using strong adhesives that fill in gaps between timbers and inside them. After they have been allowed to dry, the resulting structure is comparable in strength to steel. Some large structures such as airports, winter gardens, university buildings and more.

At Eurodita, we have taken to using this glue lamination technique in tandem with Northern pine. This pine grows slowly and is native to the northern hemisphere of Europe. It’s sturdy on its own and after it goes through the glue lamination process, it becomes even stronger. We are happy to use this technique as part of our production process. With it, we are able to offer sturdy glulam beams houses, long-lasting, bespoke mobile homes and strong cabin kits. This quality and strength is what permits our partners to increase their profit margins on first year after starting work with us. And it’s this quality and longevity that has earned us a fame for our reliability as a private label producer.

That is how rightly chosen production technology and good raw materials can bring the best results.

Bespoke order system

Besides the obviously important quality production process, equally important is order intake. With accurate taking of bespoke orders, we are able to produce exactly what our partners request and meet the high standards their customers place on them and us.

We achieve this through well-chosen and developed software. The first piece of software is our website. The simple, yet informative bespoke order form ensures that the visitor stays on track, fills in only necessary information and supplements it with sketches or notes. This allows us to get the exact measurements of the timber structure that our partner requires.

The next piece of software that allows us to run smooth order intake is the internal tool we use to generate orders. By entering all numerical and written information our partner already provided through our website, we are able to output exact layouts, blueprints, 3D model and a price of the final products. This offer we then send out to our partner. They have the option to put their own insignia on top, so that the whole offer would show their branding only.

Our technology allows to provide everything our partner needs to achieve good results during the sales process and to get positive feedback about the quality of the product delivered.

Staying ahead 

It might seem that the choices we made are very small and insignificant. However, rightly chosen and polished production process, as well as correct sales information intake means a lot in everyday work. It allows us to service our partners with quality products, which is the most important part of our business – customer-first. 100% of our partners have reported increase in their profits of 20%, which is the highest praise we can hope for. All our technical and process improvements are helping us to stay ahead of the game and we will continue to invest and support our partners every step of the way.