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In a lot of places around the world, saunas have been a part of social culture. More than that, they had major physical and mental health benefits attributed to them. Now, most saunas are used as forms of entertainment, another way to spend the evenings. In the Nordic countries, saunas are still a big part of everyday lives, some even being installed inside flats to accommodate this age-old tradition. However, still the most popular way to experience the sauna is when it’s built next to the log cabin or a log house.

Saunas have left their humble roots in the north and are now popular around the world. That is why we at Eurodita are happy to have several options on our catalogue. For partners that want more unique designs for their saunas we offer sauna barrels. This is best exemplified by our sauna barrel Skye.

Spacious and bold

Barrel saunas are truly a bold statement. They attract the eye immediately and look very unique when placed next to a classic log cabin. Yet, on the outside, they might look deceptively small. It’s quite a contrarian first look, as Skye is built with a three-room design in mind. These three rooms are the terrace with comfortable benches, the changing room as a transition area and the sauna itself. Barrel sauna Skye comes to our partners with a heating stove already packed together with the construction kit. Simple fact allows us to offer our partners a fully functioning sauna right at the purchase.

Build and delivery

Traditional saunas are not particularly difficult to construct. In some Finish schools, building one together as a class is part of the curriculum. However, to build a really lasting, sturdy sauna can be a challenge. We use stainless steel tightening bands to secure the glulam planks that make up the barrel sauna. Glue lamination process already strengthens the wooden planks and makes them practically unbreakable. Adding stainless steel bands just ensures the sauna stays firm and strong.

At the back of the barrel sauna Skye, we always offer our partners to have a panoramic window to look through while enjoying the heat and the steam. This bumps up the luxury of the barrel sauna a few notches.

Usually, such a sauna is delivered to our partners’ sites flat packed, to avoid accidents and higher transporting fees. But if the need is great and our partner requests it, we can deliver Skye already pre-assembled and ready to be used.

Bespoke orders 

No matter how good our construction kits are, sometimes there are special orders and requests that our partners send our way. This can be anything, from the size of the sauna barrel, to a completely new concept of sauna we haven’t thought of before.

Either way, we accept all bespoke orders and provide accurate and realistic 3D models of the final product. All our offers include these 3D renditions. They help our partners sell the final product to their clients and us to better visualise of how the new product should look like. All 3D models are then included into the price offer, together with blueprints of the log structure. These offers give clear view of the look of the final product and all our partners can use them as their own, with their own brands and contact information.

At Eurodita, we take a lot of inspiration for our work from the Nordic way of life. Not just barrel and other types of saunas, but log cabins, log homes, contemporary log home designs and more. We are happy that so many of our partners have seen the beauty and functionality of such constructions and have joined our network to add them into their portfolio. We are always looking to expand this network through our partner program.