Partnership with Eurodita: what to expect

Posted Sep 10, 2020, Category: Business

Whenever we at Eurodita start a new partnership with a company, there are always expectations. There’s a level of trust we have to exchange, and from our side – deliver on that trust. In this blog post, we would like to lay down what to expect when partnering up with us. We will go over stress points that are on every partner’s mind and how we address them. We will present the benefits that every partner so far has gained through working with us and how our experience contributes to those benefits. This way, we hope that our working philosophy of customer-first will become obvious and that we will showcase how we apply it to every partner.

Product quality 

This is one of the main points that worry our partners. Will our log homes and log cabins be up to par with their demands? Will they even exceed them? How will these products compare with our competitors. We put these worries to rest quite easily. One of the main sources of quality about a log home is not just its engineering and planning, but also the material it’s made out of. Our architects and designers are capable of magnificent things, no doubt about it. To help them in their endeavours, together with a team of professional programmers, we have developed a software that allows us to input log cabin technical details. Through it, we output blueprints and 3D models of the final product, which allows our production to see how the glulam house design should look like. It’s a great tool that helps us and our designers deliver excellent results. But their work can only be sustained if glulam log homes are made from reliable materials.

To ensure the quality of timber, we source it from the North. After careful negotiations, we are able to use Northern pine at a competitive price and provide durable, lasting glulam house construction. This choice of material allowed us to up our production rank and improve the quality of our products. With it, we are able to provide log homes of such good quality that 100% of our partners experience profitable sales.

Ease of communication 

Another aspect of working with a private label company is the constant anxiety over communication. How fast will my production partner respond? How will I place my orders? Will they be able to build my log homes exactly like my client demands? Will I have who to contact in case of issues?

This is where our 27 years of experience in log cabin business comes in. During this time, we have taken the customer-first approach. This allowed us to build direct lines of communication with our partners. Moreover, it led us to a working philosophy which makes us answer all partner inquiries within 24 hours, before anything else. And if there is a problem, we answer even faster.

The biggest uncertainty is always about the final product and if it will look like our partner’s client wanted. This is especially true with bespoke orders, or orders that are not even on our catalogue – something new and personal. However, we are able to put these worries to rest, as we have created an intuitive and smooth order placement system. Everywhere on our website, the bespoke order button is there, waiting to be pressed. A small form with all necessary information is then presented and once filled in, we also give an option to attach a file with a sketch of the glulam house plans or to describe it in words. Once we receive this information, we input it into our software and render a 3D model with a price offer and layouts. All this is available within 24 hours and can be changed later, if the final customer is unhappy.

Delivery terms

All these achievements in communication and production quality would mean little without proper delivery. A lot of times, when we partner up with a company, they are eager to set up their own transport channels and we are more than happy to comply with their needs. We ship our glulam modular homes flat packed, so they would fit neatly into a standard hauler.

However, when in need or if we agree so in our partnership deal, Eurodita can also manage deliveries of any product that leaves our production floor. As mentioned, the vast majority of our products we ship flat packed. In special occasions, we can also deliver certain construct pre-built. That generally applies to our camping pods and saunas, as well as our BBQ huts. Products in these categories may need special delivery terms, based on the country they’re delivered to and with our experience, we can take care of most of them.

Final thoughts

With every partner, we discuss the limits of our agreements. We listen to their needs, show them the products that they would benefit from the most and open up our smooth communication channels. With our customer-first approach, we now are proud to say that we have more than 80 partners all over the world who source from us and who trust us with production. Consider joining the ranks of successful businesses and Eurodita partners.