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Top 3 BBQ huts to make clients fall in love with the idea!

Whether you are running a full-on bespoke log cabins business, or offer a selection of garden sheds, there always comes a time to renew and reinvigorate your portfolio. Something that clients always appreciate is a wide selection of contemporary log home designs to choose from. This is a great opportunity to show off less popular, but handy and unique products and offerings.

BBQ huts, or grillikota, are very popular in Finland. That’s where they hail from. But it’s a backyard building that is becoming increasingly sought after everywhere else in Europe and beyond. It’s an opportunity to offer a unique solution for a client who’s looking for saunas or just a way to establish a zone of relaxation in their yard in a non-conventional way.

Take it from Eurodita, an established BBQ huts manufacturer: these grillikotas are wonderfully simple and arrive in fully equipped sets to be built on the spot. Here are 4 great models to put on your portfolio and to entice the first clients.

BBQ Hut Fairy

The best things about BBQ huts is the fact that your clients can grill all year round, regardless of the weather. A good place to start getting into year-round grilling is with the BBQ hut Fairy. It’s a compact unit, standing at 45 sq. m. A perfect BBQ hut for clients with compact back yards, or those that want to use a BBQ hut for other purposes, like Christmas cabins, fisherman’s huts and more.

Like all BBQ huts, Fairy will reach your clients fully equipped to serve its purpose. The set includes a BBQ set with an adjustable chimney, windows, doors, benches, even moose fur covers and antlers as true Finish accents. Fairy is a great starting BBQ hut, when clients want to test out the experience.

BBQ Hut Cordial 2

For clients that want to dive into a BBQ hut but not overdo it, Cordial 2 is an optimal option. The second model in the Cordial BBQ hut line, this hut is 16 sq. m. in size and will be able to host a larger party of grillers. This time, a more luxury grill option is available for experienced grill masters.

Cordial 2 BBQ hut is larger than the previous counterpart. It has more windows, larger seating area, more space for the grill. Just like all Eurodita’s offering, Cordial is also sold with interior design elements, like the moose fur and antlers, flower pots, firewood holster and other essentials to create a full Finish grilling experience.

Double BBQ Hut Seasons

For seasoned grillers that want more out of their grillikota, BBQ hut Seasons is a great option. Designed with two joined spaces, Seasons is made for longer, comfortable stays as well as the core Finish grilling experience.

On one end of the BBQ hut, the classic grilling room is equipped with the BBQ, benches, pillows and other Finish accents. There’s also an option to go for the luxury grill that arrives with the grill cabin. On the other end, there’s space for a bedroom, a sauna, an entertainment area – it can be transformed into almost anything. The BBQ hut is ready for insulation, meaning that the extra area can be used for cold-season living.

The two areas of Seasons is separated by a corridor. That’s what makes this BBQ hut so elegant and flexible. The two areas can be separated and converted for different purposes. It’s a great option for people that want a large sauna, or a holiday space that also functions as living quarters. Seasons definitely has the space and set up for it.

Final thoughts

BBQ huts are, for now, an exotic option for clients that are looking for unique solutions. These and other designs are great additions to your portfolio. As the bespoke log cabin company, we at Eurodita are always striving for quality, and that’s exactly what we’re offering through our partner program. If you would like to add BBQ huts to your company’s portfolio, reach out to Eurodita and let’s talk business!


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