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Showcase Mobile home Willis & Thames

Mobile homes are an extremely popular choice for numerous customers and partners. They can be used for simple summer residences as well as escape spots. In the USA it is also widely used as the mobile homes in home parks. Read our pros and cons for making a mobile house in the park in a park or as a distant home in our earlier post. We think that it’s the most important model for a house built of glulam construction firm to include in their inventory, which is why we at Eurodita are sure to have a variety of designs to choose from.

In this Showcase We would like to show our customers two of our custom mobile home designs, Mobile homes Willis as well as Thames. We will look at the similarities and differences between them in addition to highlighting certain interior design choices that can be made when building these homes.

Mobile home Willis

A single bedroom, small-sized custom mobile home that is able to accommodate one person or a family of two. The long front doors, with glass panels and elegant, tall windows can make the mobile home appear stunning without causing excessive heat loss. All of our windows and doors are double-glazed, which helps with this problem. When you walk in into the room, you’ll be faced with a living space that houses the kitchen area, dining area and a lounge. The room, which is a single, functional space is able to accommodate all of your daily needs and will still allow for plenty of be able to accommodate.

Moving on, the rear portion of the mobile home could be divided into bedrooms, bathrooms and even a smaller walk-in closet. The bedroom can be fitted with a queen-sized beds, or perhaps bigger. Bathrooms can accommodate an en-suite bath, or an indoor shower for pets that require a bath.

The roof is slightly sloped and it extends at in front of the home. There’s enough room under it to create a small seating area directly close to the front entrance or perhaps some plants. On larger land plots custom mobile homes make great garden focal points.

Mobile home Thames


A spacious, four bedroom mobile home that is perfect for a large family. This mobile home could also serve as a convenient summer residencesince it has the option of having numerous interior walls that could create storage areas and further doors that could be used to serve as exits for the back. When constructed in this manner the house is perfect for those who love gardening or nature all over the world.

The mobile home that is custom-built was made to be accessed via the side. Similar to mobile homes Willis it is able to feature long windows as well as doors made of glass that are double-glazed. This particular model comes with an entryway which leads to different rooms. The living space is separated from the kitchen area and can be equipped with an another door leading to the backyard. The corridor then leads to the bathroom and, in this instance, is able to be extended and made larger.

The customized mobile home plans can be created to suit the particular requirements of each customer. As we mentioned previously that smaller storage rooms could be built into. In addition to two bedroom, even smaller rooms could be built too. The greatest thing about custom mobile houses is the fact that they are highly flexible areas that can be transformed into virtually any style.

Mobile homes suppliers

If you’re already a supplier of mobile homes We recommend to find methods to offer customers customized choices. Mobile homes are able to be modified into almost any design that can be adapted to meet the requirements of the customer. Be sure that your mobile home’s manufacturing partner is up for the job. If you offer your customers the option of choosing their own mobile home, it will have a unique feel. Even if it’s the cheapest choice, your customers can feel special and not spend too much.

If you think your wholesaler of mobile homes isn’t ready to provide complex bespoke solutions, think about taking advantage of the Partners Program. Nearly all of our partners have their revenues increase by 20 percent when they join us. We provide excellent customized solutions that are tailored to the demands of the most demanding customers. Do not miss out on the opportunity to make your business better than what you are already. Have fun!

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