Bespoke log cabins that balance the client’s desires and building needs

Posted Oct 09, 2021, Category: How-to

In dealing with clients there are times when rifts can appear between the dream of the customer and your requirements for building. In addition to other elements, including the location as well as the weather, dimensions of the project and the budget. The sales and negotiation process isn’t always easy.

This is the reason why we at Eurodita want to share our knowledge and experience dealing with our clients. Over the course of 27 years, we’ve been able to handle a variety of clients with varying levels of difficulty. In this article we’d like to talk about some aspects of working with clients. In particular, we’d like to talk about the process of bridging the gap between their desires and the reality of the construction process.

knowledge gap

When working with a customer it is important to realize that they may not be at an identical level understanding as you. This is, after all an important reason why they’re searching for your expertise in construction instead of simply ordering prefab cabin kits and then assembling it yourself. It’s crucial to determine this gap in knowledge and then proceed.

If your client is not knowledgeable about building any type of home for instance, a custom-built log cabin that is residential You must get at the level of their knowledge. The key points should be explained in a manner that is easy to understand. The best method to accomplish it is to show the costs and benefits of different alternatives. As an example, you want to buy the largest cabin but you are able to tell that it’s too big for the land they want to use. Compare the cost of the option of a smaller cabin alongside the explanation about the size. Finance is a fantastic option to let people evaluate the issue from a perspective they can identify to.

If the client has experience in the field of construction there are a number of methods to tackle this. If the client isn’t there and satisfied with the instruction they’ve given, don’t be afraid to ask them an inquiry. Be bold and approach the type of customer you’re dealing with as the same. They will appreciate you more If you approach them with real inquiries about their custom log cabins, and demonstrate outcomes.

However If the customer knows a lot about construction but is unable to change their position on various issues may require some patience. Although the client may think they have all the necessary aspects of creating bespoke summer homes, your task is to explain to them what is happening without being like a snob. In the most extreme instances, if your client is causing more conflicts than they resolve the issue, then you may be in the right position to drop the client completely.

The most important topics to be covered

In the various stages of sale there are a few basic subjects that you may want to discuss with your customer. The first thing you need to do and it is crucial is to hear the plan of your client first. If you’re selling an old log house or a BBQ hut an old log cabin, or an outdoor space be sure to take a look at their entire list of suggestions.

Follow up with a thorough list of questions. Be sure to ask questions that you do not know an answer for. Do they want a custom summer residence? Or are they just looking for the standard log cabin? What is the size of the land they’re planning to construct on? What kind of timber do they prefer to build with? For a more straightforward question what dark or light do they want their log house to appear?

Make an inventory of the most common questions you must be aware of regarding clients’ dream glulam wood house. Complete each response you receive from them during your initial contact, and continue with questions you haven’t got answers to. In this way, you not only do you have a complete information about what your client wants and you’ll be ready should any discrepancies be discovered.

Being a client-facing log home provider presents its own challenges. If you’re organized and work with individuals who are intelligent, there are no reason to fret about failing. Be prepared, believe that you know the field , and always draw on your previous knowledge. Have fun!