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In our 27 years of experience working as private label home decor manufacturers, we at Eurodita have accumulated quite a catalog of log homes. Different styles, functions and sizes – we can now offer something to every partner and their ever-demanding clients. That is not to say that our catalog is stagnant. On the contrary, with every production of bespoke log cabins, camping pods, bespoke log homes, BBQ huts, etc we add to our portfolio of products.

In the Showcase series, we would like to present an overview of log house models that we have previously constructed. We will go through the design intent and best possible locations for construction, as well as some possible interior design solutions for your clients.

Log home qualities

In this Showcase, we are introducing glulam log house Tavernier. A contemporary log home design, with two storeys and two sections, connected by a corridor. This corridor is great, because without delay, it can lead from the front yard to the back. This log house has a clear transitory area, that leads to all four corners of the building.







Once you have chosen the direction you will be going to from the corridor, let us explore the first floor. It is a living area, where most of daily activity will take place. As you enter through the front door, on the left is the spacious kitchen and living room, connected into one space. This is a great location to place a fireplace or add some bespoke elements to the glulam prefab house by placing large, floor-to-ceiling windows for an excellent outdoor view. There is enough space here to have both bathroom and shower installed, or with a little planning – even an indoor sauna.

On the right side of the corridor, you will find a smaller area and stairs leading up. Here one can get creative with their private label homes. A reading nook behind the stairs could be a cozy idea, with the addition of right kind of windows. There is enough space here to plan a private room or a small bedroom. Even a work room or two could fit here. Alternatively, further on the right side of the log house, there could be a storage room with doors leading to the inner yard.

Then we are going up the stairs. The second floor has only one section on the right side of the log home kits and here is the perfect space for two separate bedrooms. With the staircase landing in the middle, the occupants can choose which door they will go through without infringing on each other’s privacy. The staircase landing itself can host a small seating area or some house plants.

Garden and location 

Houses built with glulam are pretty universal, fitting as remote summer residences or suburban log homes. But specifically glulam log house Tavernier would probably fit best as a summer residence near a forest or a lake. With doors leading outward towards the garden from all sides, it makes a perfect residence to develop a large garden around.

With elongated, clean shape, Tavernier is a perfect log house to form a garden or even a productive forest garden around it. The design of the house lends itself to a very organised, square shape of the outdoor garden. These particular glulam house frames can also host two outdoor seating areas. One in the front and one in the back. With two sections of the glulam house design forming protected areas, it is a perfect house for clients that love to stay outdoors. And with a well planned, aesthetically pleasing garden to observe, it is a perfect choice.

Glulam log house Tavernier can host a family of four with enough room to spare. There is also a great incentive to place a carport near this log house, to create another organised space for car parking. In general, Taverner is a largely utilitarian design, with rooftops and window options elegant enough that it does not feel solely engineered, but rather designed.

If you like what you are reading and know a client that would like this design, contact us and we will give you a some price options based on the chosen technical aspects of the house. Additionally, if you are still looking for a reliable glulam house construction partner and struggling to find one that would meet your needs, check out our Partner Program. All our partners so far have seen profit increases in their first year with us. If it is something that you find interesting, send us a message and let’s talk business. Good luck!