Showcase: camping pod line Glen

Posted Aug 31, 2020, Category: Business

Eurodita has been working in the business of log cabin and camping pods production for 27 years now. During this time, we have tried many different models, produced various glulam timber frame houses and cabins. Like this we have been able to showcase the most popular models among our partners. In each category, different models can serve different purposes, but in this post, we would like to showcase our bestsellers.

We will start with our best-selling camping pod and the line it comes from – Glen. Specifically Glen model 3 is our most popular option and our partners offen go for. It likely has to do with the size, as it’s the most optimal. Glen 3 comes in medium size of 3.25m × 4.8m, which is enough to contain everything a modern glamper might want: a double bed (included in pod home kits), enough room for a kitchenette, a bathroom and some benches. Glen 3 is a great option also because it can reach our partners already constructed, with electrical wiring installed and ready for use. It’s little wonder that this inclusive model has stood out from its sisters in the Glen line, which in itself is quite popular.

Showcase: camping pod line Glen Showcase: camping pod line Glen

Glamping phenomenon 

Luxury camping pods have been on the rise for a few years now. The new generation of campers that grew up in big cities and are unwilling to part with comfortable amenities such as toilets, lights, cooking gear and others – their demands are growing. And with such demands came a niche for glamorous camping equipment – glamping pods that house everything inside them while still being far removed from urban areas.

This trend is unlikely to go down anytime soon, so camping pods that adhere to this trend become a necessity. Our partners that work in recreation business have voted with their purchases that camping pod Glen 3 is the most optimal choice to fill their camping areas with. Their clients and campers are obviously happy as well, as our partners consistently report profit increases of 20% and overall successful business. Paired with stable orders and overall camping trends, we are very happy to offer the Glen line of camping pods and specifically Glen 3 model as a best-selling and the most successful option.

Finding a reliable supplier 

Partners we work with can attest that Eurodita is indeed a reliable supplier of bulk purchase and individual, bespoke camping pods. However, we also understand that this trust is hard to come by and sometimes, working with the same supplier can seem ineffective. Healthy competition even between known suppliers can be beneficial to partners in any industry: it can lower down the price, offer higher quality options and design elements that will make businesses in any industry segment stand out. However, there are also drawbacks in constantly looking for new suppliers, especially in log cabin and camping pod business. New suppliers might not know your specific industry segment, might not fully understand your requirements. Each time you pick a new supplier, you will need to renegotiate delivery terms, production timelines, figure out what does into each construction kit. Everything consumes time and energy that would better be aimed at marketing and selling your camping services.

The advantages of working with the same partner far outweigh the potential disadvantages of price and quality increases. A supplier that knows your business, has worked with you a long time and has figured out your delivery needs, ordering methods and quality level needs will save you time and in turn – money. That is how our long-term partners have been able to increase their profits while working with our camping pods and other products. They started working with us for the quality and ease of communication and they stayed for increased profits and seamless delivery and production process.

Camping pod order process

For current partners, we have put together an easy ordering process, where they can and do receive an accurate price offer within 24 hours. This we achieve through our website and internal software we use to help put together these offers. Technology is advancing and we are always looking to utilise the newest and most powerful tools available, not just in production, but in communication too. With it, our partners can place their pod cabins order and receive an offer that they can use with their own branding and insignia if necessary.

We have done everything to smooth out the order process, the delivery terms and are constantly improving the quality of our products. The high standards that glamorous camping has been putting on the industry are covered with Eurodita as your primary camping pods supplier. Place your camping pod Glen 3 order right here and elevate your recreation business!