Global log cabin business: our road to success

Posted Oct 23, 2020, Category: Business

Since Eurodita has started out in 1994 in newly independent Lithuania, we have come a long way and have completely integrated ourselves into the global log cabin market. We are now firmly standing as one of leading producers of glulam log houses in Europe and our partner network has extended throughout 18 countries. With 89 trusted business partners, we can boast a successful production, with 100% customer satisfaction and 95% of deliveries without delay.

Being part of this global market, we are under no impression that the growth of log cabin market segment has been a significant factor of our success. Hence, we want to share the insight of industry analysts about this market niche and how we were able to benefits from this growth.

In 2019, projected that the glulam timber market will grow at almost 5.5% between 2018 and 2023. Taking into account various innovations in building & interior designing technologies – which includes glue lamination process that we are using – the log cabin industry is projected to shift towards more personalised and style-first glulam products.

Similar predictions were made by, which looked at the Engineered Wood Market. They predict growth of more than 24%, from 2016 to 2022 and reaching of nearly $40 billion by 2022. This prediction has particular benefits for us as a Eastern European-based company. The vast European forestlands create simple access to different types of timber. This also spawned a large number of timber processing industries across Central European countries, which in turn put Europe at a significant tactical advantage. Eurodita is also able to benefit from this geographical advantage. We source our timber from Scandinavia, a very specific type of Northern pine that is superior in quality over the vast majority of other timber. That is part of the reason why we are able to maintain such high customer satisfaction: our log cabins are sturdier and more stylish than other offers on the market. They can withstand many natural threats, such as tornadoes, fires and earthquakes. More than that, our company provides 10-year anti-rot policy, which help us build trust with our customers.

Beyond Europe, the marketplace is starting to develop a taste of their own. Nations like US, Japan, Australia, Canada and China the demand for such cabins is growing. With the focus shifting towards green and healthy living, log homes and contemporary residential log cabins are considered great options as single family homes, forest cabins and bigger winter homes. Not to mention the constant demand for glulam small houses for storage. Eurodita is keen to solidify our position on these markets. With access to US and Canada already present, we are also looking towards China, as its growing middle class presents an opportunity: demand for European-style, environmentally-friendly, contemporary log cabins is projected to grow and we plan to meet this demand.

Other than naturally growing market, advantageous geographical location and our strict attention towards product quality, we also work a lot with our B2B partners. We are always looking to provide them with more and more design options. These include our current selection on the catalogue that can be ordered any day. However, we also offer bespoke solutions that are unique and personalised for every customer. These options range from stylish vacation homes, personalised timber playpens for children or glamping pods. All our partners appreciate our smart and contemporary approach to design, as well as the thought we have put into ease of assembly and installation. With these healthy business practices, we have trusted b2b partners in highly demanding markets such as US, Japan and Australia.

So summarise, Eurodita’s success can indeed be attributed to the general growth of the market. However, it also takes time and effort to keep up with the market, to ensure only the highest quality standards and to build trust with partners over vast distances. These are main ingredients of our success that we will keep applying to every market we go and every partner we are going to make. We are Eurodita – the bespoke manufacturers of dreams. We intend to only keep growing.