Showcase: corner log cabin line Sera

Posted Sep 08, 2020, Category: Business

Bespoke log cabins are our priority and more often than not, it’s what we build. However, we are also extremely proud of our standard log cabin category. It’s the one where we present classic styles and designs of glulam log cabins. These designs have been tested out through our 27 years of experience and received nothing but good reviews. This is proven by the fact that the corner log cabin line Sera and its most popular model Sera 2 is one of our best sellers from the catalogue.

Sera 2 model is compact, yet spacious enough to provide a comfortable stay. Sized at 3000mm x 3000mm, this log cabin can be used as a guest room, children’s play room, an stay-in venue or a workroom. Its wall thickness can be chosen upon ordering and adapted for insulation if necessary. Sera 2 and all the log cabins for sale in this line can be used in any season as fully residential spaces. The quality of glulam planks that the log cabin is made of allows this, as well as the residential quality windows and doors. Even with this simple design, Sera 2 and its sisters in the Sera line, offer a classic feel of the log cabin, as well as quality materials and longevity.

Showcase: corner log cabin line Sera Showcase: corner log cabin line Sera

Classic vs modern

Just like with any market, as a log cabin manufacturer, we must keep up with new trends and offer something that cater to more classic tastes, as well as new and modern ones. Corner log cabin line Sera come from a standard log cabin design and cater towards more classical customer. However, due to our flexible production line, these glulam log cabins can be altered into a more modern approach to cabin design. Although we already offer many alterations to small cabin kits, we can go all the way. We have had complete overhauls of the log cabin design, using the current look as a base.

This practice of nurturing a culture of bespoke production is what allows us to adapt to the constantly changing market. We can always offer both classic and modern designs to all our products. This especially applies to log cabins, as they are much smaller and more malleable than larger structures of glulam log homes. And in any case, even the largest log house can be transformed into an individual expression of personality and we are open for all designs and interpretations.

Communication is key

Because we provide private label homes made with glulam, communication is key in order to deliver the best possible result. Even the straightforward design of Sera 2 model will need a clearly communicated demands from our partners about the size, thickness and delivery options. To facilitate this communication easier, built tools for ourselves to process the information given and opened a channel of communication to our partners through our website.

Like this, our partners now can fill in the exact information we need to build a 3D model of the log cabin they need. For us, the 3D model helps to visualise the final product and helps our partners sell the idea to their end clients. Like this, everyone wins in the scenario and especially the end customer, who receives the log cabin of their dreams. Sera 2 might be simple in its design, but it’s also cozy and compact in a way that it can fit on small lots and in some cases – back yards. Through our ordering process, it’s possible to make Sera 2 smaller, turn it into a summer retreat or prepare it for insulation and in turn – colder season. With good communication, every project becomes easier and deliverable on time.