Showcase: Standard Garden Office June

Posted Sep 07, 2020, Category: Business

Among our Standard log cabin collection, we also have more unique cabins our partners can choose from. One of them is the Standard garden office June. It’s a cozy log cabin that was designed to remind a bit of a portable outdoor office. All log cabins for sale from our catalogue are designed with comfort and ergonomics in mind. Standard cabin office June is no different. It retains all the necessary functions of a log cabin, yet it also has the convenience of a front porch and the security of residential quality walls, doors and windows. It’s a true office, placed in the garden, surrounded by nature.

Standard garden office June is normally sized at 4200mm x 3000mm. It’s a comfortable size that can fit more than just a desk and a chair. Comparing it to our garden room models, June is definitely more spacious and can boast enough room for a book case, a work bench, a double bed and other furniture depending on its purpose. And June can be used for a variety of purposes. It was intended as a garden office, yet it can work as a guest room, a log cabin retreat, a recreational log cabin and many other purposes, depending on partner’s needs and imagination.

Showcase: Standard Garden Office June Showcase: Standard Garden Office June

Bespoke orders

As with any timber construct on our catalogue, garden office June can be ordered through our bespoke system. What that means is that its parameters can be changed based on needs and wants of our partners and their clients. This includes the log cabin size, types of windows and doors, thickness of walls, floors and ceiling and in some cases – the interior planning. June can also be used as a base model for more individualised design of the log cabin.

Because of our flexible production line and inclusive bespoke order approach, we can built almost any log cabin design. We will, of course, need more information. This includes basics like dimensions, timber plank thickness, insulation prep. But it also includes more detailed descriptions and even sketches of the final design. Any details help, as they provide us a window into the needs of our partners. With more information, we will be able to deliver better results. We are proud to say that our partners are currently very happy with the bespoke timber houses and log cabins that we build.

Changing demand

Throughout our 27 years of experience, Eurodita went through many changes in the market, weathered a lot of storms. The key thing that we learned is that the businesses that are able to change with the customers are the ones that thrive for many years. At Eurodita, we always strive to keep up with global trends and offer the newest and best products for our partner’s market. We are able to achieve this through our flexible production and detailed order intake. With these measures, we are able to keep up with demands of local markets and also offer our partners high quality product designs that include changes they need.

We also always encourage business owners to outsource their production to us. With garden office June as an example, we cover all steps of the production: we already have the design sample, we alter dimensions based on necessity, we have all the manufacturing equipment necessary and we deliver prefab cabin kits. This means that all our partners need to worry about is the assembly on the spot and marketing of the final product. This saves a lot of initial costs for a starting business and even more costs later down the line, when our partners start ordering in bulk or need significant changes done to their preferred models.

Finally, the flexible production and trustworthy, remote partner are exactly the recipe for successfully keeping up with changing trends. Together with our partners, we were able to produce some amazing log cabin designs and service new, demanding customers that prefer individuality and like to choose from many options. Our entire catalogue is a testament to our commitment to show new and exciting ideas, open up new design options and adhere to modern trends.

Garden office June

Nothing speaks more about peacefully working from home than a garden office. June was initially constructed as a log cabin, but due to its design, it became popular as a sturdy garden office. With a touch of interesting design, a simple log cabin can serve other purposes and become a staple of any catalogue. It’s currently one of the two most popular log cabins on our website and so far, partners give only positive feedback about its use.

Keep up with log cabin trends. Choose Eurodita as your production partner and keep your catalogue fresh and trendy.