Nature of partnership: Is maintenance of the cabin possible without the assistance of a professional?

Posted Nov 02, 2021, Category: How-to
The answer to this subject can be a challenge. Simply put the answer is largely dependent on you, the owner of your log cabin. To put it in a more precise way the answer is based on the amount of time and effort you’re willing to put into your custom timber house. The more effort you’re willing to invest more effort, the less professional care you’ll require as time passes. Additionally, you will be able do most of the work yourself and feel like the actual owner of the log home.

In this blog we’d like to provide some helpful tips we at Eurodita discovered during our years of working. We will show you how you can start early during your glulam log house construction , to make life simpler later. Make sure you invest in a smart way and the right materials can make a huge difference for the log home builder and, more importantly, for you.

Good design

First , you must begin making a long-lasting log home that requires minimal maintenance. Be sure that your log cabin builder has the most effective solution for your particular landscaping. Examine in depth large porches, overhangs with proper landscaping, and foundations adequate for your specific area (if your ground has been especially wet, you might require a more foundation space). When executed correctly, will spare your from many headaches with maintenance that are sure to happen if completed correctly. Keep in mind that a glulam-beams house is not a traditional home. This means that your options must not be standard either.

Dry , and then de-mould

It is important to do this frequently and particularly after each winter season. Keep watch for your northern wall, since it is likely to receive the least amount of sunlight. Dampness is the main enemy which causes mould and rot and must be tackled. Be sure to dry your cabin’s walls and then reapply the stain frequently. Be sure to look for signs of mould in the most dark corners and remove mould if you spot even the smallest of areas. There are numerous great chemical products that pose no risk to the environment or you. If you’re not sure if you’re enough for the task then this is the one you should think about employing a professional service. Discuss this possibility with your log home manufacturer.

Keep an eye out for insects

Another thing you’d need to keep an of, as with mould. Termites in the present time are not a issue. Every reputable log home manufacturer utilizes a natural, anti-termite mineral known as borate. It solves the issue without causing harm to humans or the natural environment. One of the most frequent problems in modern times that is a matter obviously, is Carpenter bees. They usually build their nests in tiny nooks in the logs and gradually ruin the wood surrounding them. However, they can be avoided with the use of permethrin or cyfluthrin that contain stains as well as additional liquids. In addition, it’s suggested to apply a dusting product which contains boric acid. After the pest has gone and you have plugged all holes in which it might return. Although you may be able to remove the pest on your own, if it became large, you may want to consider hiring a pest control company.

Quality stain

We have discussed the significance of staining in various posts and have mentioned it in this article. It’s because stains serve as the main line of defense for the glulam beams against pests and the elements. We recommend our customers to choose the most durable stain and not skim over them, regardless of whether the custom-built timber homes are located in a dry area. Although areas that are arid are not prone to mould frequently, they do require stains to shield them from harsh UV light. The areas that are dry typically receive more sunlight , and therefore must be protected better from damages. Each time you renew the stain, ensure that it is protected against UV rays.

In addition, there’s plenty of debate over which water-based or oil-based staining methods are superior. We can say that in the present time, both are a viable option, and it will all depend on the type of wood and the location of the stain. Outdoor and indoor staining are evidently distinct. Consult with your supplier of log homes about the needs of your custom log home, and then make an informed choice.

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: always do your research prior to purchasing. Learn everything you need you need to learn about the terrain and the weather conditions that your house made of glulam beams will face and then prepare it for the weather. When you plan your maintenance schedule Be honest with yourself and ensure that you’re prepared for the task. There’s no reason not to employ an expert maintenance crew particularly since after their job, you’ll be a satisfied owner of a gorgeous custom-designed log cabin for your home. It’s definitely worth the cost. Best of luck!