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Gardening options whether you want a pavilion or a log shed?

Posted Oct 13, 2021, Category: How-to

In our blog posts we have discussed the subjects of selecting the right materials, designing and building custom log homes as well as the traditional log cabins. When you’ve got your dream log house now is the time to consider the area around it, specifically the garden. The garden should not be just a place to plant flowers and picking the design as well as useful structures to serve various functions.

At Eurodita We build not only timber houses that are bespoke, but customized log cabins. We also create smaller timber structures including timber pavilions, garden rooms log car posts, and much more. In this article we will look at some timber structures that are alternatives for your garden. Based on the kind of garden you want to create There are a variety of options to you. Also, there is the issue about the dimensions of your garden as well as the amount of space you’re willing to put aside to achieve this goal. Without further delay we’ll look at some wood designs for your garden.

Log sheds

A great structure to use If your garden is large and contains a variety of fruit and vegetables. Log sheds are constructed from Northern pine planks that measure 19mm thick. This kind of wood makes gorgeous, light-colored planks. They’re lightweight and easily keep garden tools in storage. We offer a wide range of sizes available to make it easy to choose the one that best fits the dimensions of your garden.


An excellent option if you are looking to build an area for relaxation in your garden. Whatever the size the pavilions instantly transform your garden to be a space to eat outside or even a place to relax to read, or an area to escape in the shade. This is a good option for gardens that are large or medium-sized. If this is the case it is possible to construct an outdoor pavilion and an edifice made of logs and connect them by an elegant walkway. The pavilions we offer are, like the rest of our structures, are constructed from Northern pine that stands out as a fresh and beautiful structure. They can be built to order in any dimensions you need.

Garden rooms

We have discussed this topic extensive on in our previous blog. The garden room could serve multiple functions. It could be used as a working place in the middle of the garden to stay out of the rat race and be near to natural surroundings. It is also a great alternative to sheds made of logs, but garden rooms have more robust walls and can hold heat more effectively. They are ideal for offices and also great playrooms for kids. Gardens can also be ideal places to relax and during summer, they can even be used as a place to host guests for a sleepover.


Another fantastic option to add to your garden. This is an ideal option for those who have a garden that isn’t big enough to house the full garage. Carports They are constructed to protect your vehicles from snow and rain, while also looking stylish and making less space. It’s an excellent option for a smaller property or when you don’t want to draw attention to your car’s parking. We offer a variety of the typical carport design or we can design a custom-designed carport that will meet the requirements of your garden. Carports, like every other building we build, is constructed from Norther pine that makes them lightweight and attractive.

Whatever building you decide to build ensure that you design it for your garden in line with the possibilities. We’re always available for consultations and suggestions. We invite you to provide us with your plans for your garden and we’ll provide recommendations based on your dimensions and the intended usage. We’re delighted to create customized gardens, carports, and log sheds that can be used for a different purposes and are distinct to each customer. Best of luck!

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