How do you get your house ready to withstand cold temperatures?

Posted Nov 30, 2021, Category: How-to

Each winter it is suggested to ensure your customers are aware of what they need to do in order to prep their log cabin to withstand the cold winter. We discussed this issue briefly in our previous blog post However, since our team here at Eurodita have a lot of advice to offer our partners that we would like to elaborate on the subject a bit.

What is it that you need to know about how to make the log house or log home for winter weather? The first step is to decide when it is as a cold time within your serviceable region. Certain areas, preparation work on custom log homes or even mobile homes that are custom-designed can begin in September. The humidity levels can determine when it is the right time to start preparing for the winter. If the fall season is dry, your clients’ log cabins built of glulam won’t require maintenance until the first snows.

Also, decide when colder weather will begin, and give your customers the following tips or help with their choice of log kits for their homes.

In all inspections

The first step is to advise your clients to go around their timber home made of glulam or even assist them in this task. Check every inch. Check for changes in wood color. Examine whether the stain is even remains. Examine the joints of the log house, and check whether seals are not damaged. Continuous contact with the elements of wind and rain over time can cause damage to these joints and also to the stain. Be sure that there aren’t any cracks or gaps between the beams made of glulam.

An effective method to swiftly check the condition in the stain’s appearance is to pull off the hose. Set the shower-type nozzle on and spray water over the wall. If the water streaks or forms tiny pebbles, the stain is secure. If you notice spots that are dry, and there is no way for water to flow through them This is where your client or you must apply the stain again.

Modular log homes don’t suffer from the same problems as beams with full lengths do. They are dried out and contain smaller cracks and less of a dormant mosquito issue that are waiting to occur. However, glulam-bearing structures require constant attention. If your clients are not able to maintain their own home this is a great service to provide.

Examine the doors and windows

Fortunately, the majority of our log cabin kits as well as bespoke log homes are equipped with double-glazed windows and doors. This means that both doors and windows are protected from breakage or accidents, as well as deterioration due to aging. However, ensure that your customers are aware it’s still a vulnerable area that requires a lot of attention.

Check that they are in good condition or inspect the corners of windows and doors at the point where they touch the wall with glulam. There shouldn’t be any change, cracks, or discoloration in the wood of any type. If they are, you must make sure that it’s not moldy. Provide the necessary services to your client to ensure quick repair or replacement of a door or window. As winter approaches custom log homes begin to leak heat and the issue will become worse if it is left to the winter months.

Get rid of the gunk

Before the first snowfalls or rains, clean your ducts and sewers, and dryers. These areas tend to collect lots of dust, leaves bugs and grass – – all things that you would not like in your client’s custom log homes. The gunk will then chill and refreeze, and clog out the exits to the log homes more and more. eventually, the drains or rain ducts will cease to function and suddenly there is an increased risk of water damage or even overflow.

To ensure this ensure that you check the roof, too. When the roofing of your log house is not sloping as it is in our low ridge clock house it is likely to build up dead leaves as time passes. Be sure to remove all leaves sitting on top of your client’s custom summer houses to minimize the risk that water damages could occur.

Check the heating

Make sure that your heating system is operating smoothly , and that the fireplace is in good condition and maintained. Cleaning the chimney is the requirement for your client when they have an open fire. To prevent fire hazards your customers must keep the fireplace in good condition always. Fireplaces can be a cozy feature of modern log cabins. However, they also have the need for regular cleaning.

These are the top things to consider to prepare clients’ log homes for winter weather. These aren’t big things you can do and are mostly things that your customers can complete themselves. But to ensure that you are keeping a client it is best to follow up whether the home kit you sold was a log that you sold and provide care for your customers.

If you’ve still not found a reliable glulam building construction partner, don’t be afraid to visit the site. It is possible to inquire on wholesale log home costs through the partner program website. Best of luck!