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Interior design trends and glulam log cabins

Posted Apr 27, 2021, Category: Advice

Log cabin homes have long been considered a timeless choice. There’s a certain expectation that the interior design of log homes will follow the traditional trend. At best, it would subscribe to the rustic, modern barn design, with artificially aged furniture, knitted or faux fur elements and so on. Or perhaps take the turn towards boho style, with a lot of cozy corners and airy feel.

But that doesn’t have to be the case. There’s a new trend on the rise that contemporary log cabins and houses made with glulam can benefit from. More than that, they can offer a wonderful space to truly take in and expand the modern trend. So in this post, we are talking about Japandi and glulam log cabins.

What is Japandi?

As a style, Japandi is a joint venture of Japanese and Scandinavian – or Skandi – designs. Therefore, the name merged as well, giving rise to the term Japandi. In essence, this design is intentionally minimalist and functional. Every piece of furniture and all elements in this design are emphasised to be sustainable, handmade, crafted, or high quality and functional. Clean, muted colours are dominating this style. Other words that are used to describe this type of interior design are: calming, tranquil, well-curated, high-quality, natural materials, eco-friendly.

It’s a trend that has been sweeping Instagram and Pinterest. And it’s easy to embrace due to its simplicity and adaptability: lots of people who have invested in Skandi design can now pivot towards Japandi.

Japandi and Glulam log houses

Given what we know about Japandi, how does it integrate into glulam houses? The question would rather be how does it not? Every element in the Japandi trend can be associated with glulam log homes.

With modern glulam house construction and production methods, imagination is becoming the only limit. Starting with interior design ideas – a vision of the final product, if you will – we can build from it using modern 3D visualisation program. There, our partners and their customers see the dream house that would later arrive right to the construction site, straight from the production floor. If your interior design style is Japandi, we encourage you to pursue it. The design is perfectly compatible with the nature and the look of glulam log houses. We are always open to create something new, elegant and modern.

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