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Five common mistakes made when building log cabins

Starting an house construction project is a exciting experience. It’s a thrilling experience making your own home whether it’s a permanent home or even a summer getaway. The desire for a sense of accomplishment is powerful and it’s also very satisfying.

But building a house is not without its own series of difficulties. This is particularly relevant if you’ve not done it before or don’t possess the necessary skills. While everything can be learned in time however, our team at Eurodita always suggest leaving the most critical components to professionals. This is why we always advise purchasing prefabricated kit kits for cabins or glulam home kits. The basic elements are there already. All you have to do is put the kit to create a home.

However, if you’re not intimidated by the challenge ahead we hope for the best. In this article we’ll go over some of the most common mistakes that can be made in the building of log homes. Make sure you make sure you plan your project properly and be sure to avoid these common errors.

Moisture levels

An important metric to consider. We discussed this subject in greater depth in our blog post on log insulation in homes as well. It’s an important topic worth mentioning. To sum it up make sure you look out for poorly dried-out logs that are not properly dried. This creates plenty of space for mould and rot to grow. If this happens near the exterior walls the entire structure could begin to decay. At Eurodita we make use of the glulam planks which spend some time in a industrial dryer. We can guarantee that the wood will not begin decaying. If you’re considering complete logs or glulam planks ensure that you ask for the results of a moisture test, and ensure they’re suitable.

Skipping gutters and overhangs

A lot of times, excited homeowners can make the mistake of thinking that gutters and overhangs are just an alternative, not a necessity. If it’s because of a financial motive (often that’s the situation) or a purely aesthetic one it is important to remember that both of these aspects are absolutely necessary.

Large overhangsthat are 24-30 inches long and overhangs ranging between 4 and 6-foot at the tops of log homes is a requirement. They reduce contact with moisture from snow and rain. Even the most durable, treated hardwood can eventually degrade when it comes into contact with excessive amounts of water. In this instance it is a requirement.

In addition, there are downpours and gutters. The main reason for them to be left out is aesthetics, you shouldn’t cut corners on them! The frequency at which the gutters that collect water from preventing your roof and walls made of timber from being in contact with too much water.

Relationship to the builder

If you’ve decided to engage an experienced builder to work on your construction project, it is important to develop a positive rapport with them. Communicate your ideas clearly. Talk about the latest log cabin kits that you would like to purchase and take their suggestions. There are plenty of things to think about and the expertise of a skilled builder can’t be underestimated.

The most important thing is to be present at all times during the construction phase. Check out the construction site, and see the way the log house is emerging. Discuss all the details and concerns that may arise during this time. Be sure to communicate your concerns and your desires in a clear manner. Nothing is more frustrating than poor communication throughout the process that can lead to disappointment and complaints later on.

Cost of Purchase

This is a problem that often occurs in the US and in other countries that impose sales tax upon purchase. The most cheap cabin kit may be a huge over your budget. You must talk to the company that sells log cabins regarding the final cost prior to you make a decision to purchase. There have been a number of instances when a few thousand dollars has astonished the purchasers and ended up in dispute. You must ensure that you have done your bookkeeping well prior to buying an unfinished log home.

Wood theme up to the top

While wood is an incredibly gorgeous material that we enjoy working with, overuse of it could be harmful. There are times when customers want everything made of wood, not just beams and walls and roofs, but also furniture, roof flooring, floors – you name it, it’s likely to be made of wood. Although it’s understandable, this choice could become an eye-sore very quickly. In addition, there are issues caused when you choose to install a wooden roof instead of standard, moisture resistant tiles. There are a variety of stunning looks which can be created using leather, stone fur, metal, other materials. Get in touch with an interior designer, or go through the suggestions we have provided in previous posts.

Here you are. Five things to watch for when building your home. We recommend hiring a building team of your own to ensure the building process is as simple as you can. Many log home builders also have construction teams that you can employ. Talk through every aspect with your provider and select the most suitable option for you. Make an informed choice. Best of luck!

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