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The Hobbit House is a self-contained cabin with a double bed, side tables and a lamp. There is also a kitchenette and kettle. Cooking utensils and crockery are also available. The Hobbit House is also equipped with a fire pit and a bench. It is suitable for two or three people. You can stay in the Hobbit House for up to 3 nights or use it for a short break. Currently, the property is being landscaped. It is expected to be completed in early June 2021.

Lord of the Rings-themed Airbnbs

If you love Middle-earth and its magic, you’ll love staying in one of these Lord of the Rings-themed Airbnbs. They have everything you need to live like a Hobbit, including a tree trunk shower entrance and private Hobbit nooks. The unique design and décor of these Airbnbs have been inspired by classic Scandinavian style yet provide modern amenities.

The Hobbit-inspired Airbnbs are available in several parts of the world. One such property is the “Hobbit Hole” in McEwen, Tennessee. The interior decor is minimalist with an earthy feel. While the Hobbit Hole is not equipped with internet, it’s still charming. Plus, if you’re a fan of the movies, you may even find some details that might appear in the sequels.

Another example of Lord of the Rings-themed Airbnbs is the Kottage Knechtion treehouse. The treehouse is owned by Darwin Knecht and will sleep up to four guests. The couple says it took fourteen months to build and hopes guests will have a unique experience. Guests will have access to a bathroom, kitchen, and more.

If you’re looking for a Lord of the Rings Airbnb, you can find one in New Zealand or the USA. Both have private gardens, waterfalls, and unique landscaping. And you can save up to $55 on your first Airbnb booking! Just remember to book in advance to get the best rates!


The Hobbit House is a unique getaway that includes an outdoor barbecue hut and views of Cougar Peak. It’s also home to the famous round door. It features charming accents and antiques throughout. In addition to its rustic appearance, the Hobbit House features running water, a cooler, a propane BBQ grill, a toilet, and an outdoor shower with hot water.

The Hobbit House is half underground and half above ground. The roof is earthen, and the interior is decorated with stone details and wood plank walls. There’s a family-friendly barbecue hut in the front yard where guests can make delicious meals. A fireplace and a fire pit are exterior features as well.

Guests will appreciate the hut’s cosy appearance. Its comfortable interior has a convertible couch/bed, a small table with two chairs, and snacks. There’s also a hot water kettle and a coffee maker. It also has an electric fireplace, a Bluetooth speaker, and a braided rug. The property has well-maintained grounds and a babbling brook. During the cooler months, guests can enjoy a barbecue hut barbecue.

The Hobbit House Airbnb is set on eight acres of land. It has everything you need to make a cosy stay. It features a propane grill, a fireplace, a farmhouse table, a kitchenette, and handmade round doors. The Hobbit House is one of the few hobbit house rentals in the US with a barbecue hut.


Pets are always welcome at the Hobbit House barbecue hut. This two-story cottage is a great place to take your dog for a relaxing vacation. It includes a fully equipped kitchen and dining area, free WiFi, and an outdoor hot tub. There’s also a barbecue grill for grilling out.

This cabin is located in an orchard. It has oversized windows that overlook a pond. It also features a large deck and is a short drive from hiking trails and beaches. This pet-friendly cabin is close to many other hiking trails and has a large, private yard.

This unique rental features a barbecue hut, hot tub, and three patios. Guests can enjoy a barbecue while relaxing on the back patio. The barbecue hut is pet-friendly and even offers dog-friendly amenities. The Lord of the Rings-inspired property is located near a state park and lake. This rental also features an oversized leather couch, hot tub, hammock, and barbecue grill. It also comes with a giant circular door. The house is one of the unique hobbit rentals in the United States.

The Lord of the Rings-themed Airbnb offers more than a place to stay – its landscaping is unique. The grounds feature a private garden and waterfall. This is the perfect romantic retreat. The hut is located near the city of Nashville, Tennessee. It is pet-friendly and has many amenities to make your stay enjoyable.

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