Timber Camping Buses

Choose your favourite products. These are the thousand choices we offer for your business, all made of premium quality Nordic timber and all tested & proven as desired by the market worldwide. Browse by category or send your own inquiry.

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Prefabricated Timber Camping Buses are a simple and popular solution for everyone looking for a garden house, garden shed, summerhouse or even an alternative option – residential log cabins. They are just getting popular and the reason is well known – the low price tag and the great number of options being on the very top of the list. The times are changing and the people are looking for an easy, inexpensive and reliable solution to trust.

Building a log house or constructing any other kind of garden construction should not be a difficult task that takes months to do. Trust Eurodita and offer the great advantages of our log houses to your customers. We offer a great variety of garden log cabins and other timber products, and each and every one of them is a great option to choose for you and your customers as well. It’s a practical solution – the wooden houses offered in our site are easy to build and made out of the best quality materials. They will reach you as quickly as it is possible and the beautiful designs of every single one of them make them a great and reliable purchase for everyone in need for a log house all around the world. Easy to understand house plans guarantee than both you and your customers will get all the required information about our products before you do the purchase.

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