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Timber Camping Buses

A simple version of a camping pod that is reminiscent of a timber tent. These camping buses are made for summer stays and are meant to be slept in and for storage. They are great for camping parks and can be constructed quickly, not to mention the high-quality timber they’re made of. These camping buses will last long if tended to right, so if you have a camping park that needs to be built up – consider choosing camping buses.

We aim to give you the best Camping Pods suited for even the most exquisite tastes. We are an innovative company selling garden sheds, residential log cabins, Glulam log houses options, Camping Pods, BBQ huts/Kota grill cabins and other timber products for businesses in many countries. We offer you the best wholesale timber product offers in the class – we take of every customer and make sure that each and every one of your deliveries reaches you in time and without a fuss.

We want to keep into a close relationship with each of the companies that have interest in our products. We offer bespoke log cabins in case you are looking for something special for your clients to offer – we have timber garages for sale as well – and many more, all can be made custom according to your needs. You give us your idea and we turn it into reality, build it out of the best quality materials and ship it to you. Trust Eurodita in your quest for quality that can be offered straight to your clients.

We make sure to bring you only the best quality products for the lowest wholesale prices. And thanks to our close ties with many transporting companies, the products will reach your desired location at the quickest time possible.

Our offers here are only the guidelines for you to look through – do not hesitate to contact us for any further information you might require. And if you are interested in reaping the benefits Eurodita can offer for you, make sure to check out our page on how to become a dealer of our timber products, which might already hold the answers of many different questions.

If you are looking for some great quality log cabins, garden sheds, wooden garages, wooden playhouses, Bespoke log cabins and much more, choose Eurodita and our wholesale offers. You give us your dreams and we give your business a product to be proud of.

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