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Timber Sauna pods & Barrels

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In the Northern parts of Europe, it’s very popular to bathe in a sauna as part of the camping experience. To honour this tradition, we have a selection of sauna pods and barrels to facilitate this activity. All products can be transported relatively easily and their design will go well with other camping pods and buses due to the same Northern pine timber they’re made of.

Timber Sauna pods & Barrels can serve far more purposes are here in Eurodita we offer you to open a far more interesting, a completely new chapter in a way people see their gardens. This concept is sure to attract attention because it gets all of the things together – a beautiful experience of a grill, the attractiveness and cosiness of a well-made gazebo and a low price tag that makes it an experience many can effort. These Timber Sauna pods & Barrels can make a lot of people very happy with their gardens, and we offer you just the opportunity to help them do so.

These Timber Sauna pods & Barrels made by Eurodita are made out of the highest quality Siberian spruce, a material that is used for the best wooden houses around. Trust the best quality and bring it to your clients, offer a brand new way for people to make their garden experience as good as it gets. Don’t miss the opportunity to sell the best Timber Sauna pods & Barrels and sell only the high-quality products.