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Sauna Pod 2.4 x 5.5m – Armonia 5

Sauna Pod 2.4 x 5.5m – Armonia 5

Dimensions: 2.4m × 5.5m
Pod height: 2600mm
Indoor area: 12 sq. m.
Optional changing room: 1500mm
Wall thickness: 44mm
Floor thickness: 28mm tongue & groove boards
Pod weight: 3000kg
Assembled pod size: 2.4m x 5.5m x 2.6m
Flat packed pod size: 1.2m x 5.5m x 1.2m

Additional qualities:

  • Tempered, double glazed windows: 2x 295mm x 580mm
  • Front French style door: 1030mm x 1900mm
  • Front door secured with a lock
  • Tempered double-glazed door inside, separating sauna room and changing room
  • Roof covered with premium bitumen shingles
  • Two-room design: changing room and sauna
  • Can be delivered already assembled or flat packed
  • 2 benches inside the sauna and 2 in the changing room
  • 2 portable feet rest benches
  • Heat-resistant plates for the heater
  • Electric or wood heater

Standard timber barrel kit includes:

  • Wall boards
  • Floor boards
  • Roof boards
  • Bitumen shingles for the roof
  • Double glazed windows and doors
  • Electric or wood heater
  • Optional to be delivered fully constructed
  • 4 benches and 2 feet rests
  • Heat-resistant plates for the heater

Planning to add luxury options to your catalogue? Looking for a partner that can deliver unique designs, but also adapt the sizes to your requirements? Do you want to start a line of sauna pods under your brand name and not invest everything into production? Eurodita is here to help you. We specialise in production of luxury and economy product alike and we do it all under a private label. In fact, we are doing it so well, we already have an extensive partner network. This lets us offer our partners incredible benefits that lead to 20% increases in profits.

Learn more about our partner program and decide if it’s something you’d like to join. Send us a message and we will be happy to sit down with you and talk business!

Reasons to choose the sauna pod Armonia 5: 

To those looking for unique design and luxury quality, we are offering Armonia line of sauna pods. These pods will be a prime item on your catalogue, as they are aesthetically built, come with great construction kits and are very comfortable to use:

  • Premium timber – Armonia 5, like its sisters and vast majority of our products are produced from Norther pinewood. It’s a wonderful timber, sturdy, light in colour, yet malleable, giving itself to glue lamination and production.
  • Transportation options – our sauna pods can reach you either flat packed, ready to be constructed, or already pre-built. In the latter case, all you will need to do is place them in the location of your or your customer’s choosing.
  • Many choices – our sauna pod kits are exceptionally versatile. You can choose the interior planning sizes, the type of heater and manner of delivery.
  • Size matters – our Armonia line comes in many sizes. Choose the one optimal for your needs or request changes through out bespoke order system.

If you’d like to purchase a standard kit of Armonia 5 sauna pod, send us an inquiry with your requirements.

Sauna Pod 2.4 x 5.5m – Armonia 5

Product qualities

Luxury, high quality and pre-built delivery. That is what we offer with our Armonia model line of sauna pods. Armonia 5 is the largest option available from this line, comfortably fitting more people inside. Whichever size sauna pod you choose, every standard construction kit will always come with all the necessary components and we will guarantee the highest quality of the products.

When inquiring about the standard kit, make sure to indicate if you’d like the sauna pod to reach you pre-built or flat packed, so you can construct it yourself. There are also other options that you might want to consider and that is the best part about Armonia sauna pods – choices. If that is not enough, feel free to send us a bespoke order. This will let us know how your unique sauna pod should look like. You will see it too before production, as we always provide a 3D visualisation of the final product before. This usually takes us no more than 24 hours.

And in the meantime, also look through our partner program and see if you’d like to join a network of partners that we help grow.

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