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Best time to buy log cabins and mobile homes

All our partners feel safe with Eurodita as their producer. That is because Eurodita can produce high quality log cabins and mobile homes 365 days per year. This gives us the ability to work with any continent, as seasons come and go on a different timeline on each of them, giving us enough orders throughout the year.

This, however, does not mean that end customers think the same way. In fact, one big reason why we encourage our partners to outsource their log cabin homes and customer mobile homes production to us is because the sales process to the end customer requires a lot of attention. Not just to address their dreams of a perfect log home, but also the valid issues and concerns they raise.

Issues of seasonality

So, what is the best time to buy standard log cabins or custom mobile homes? There are a lot of variables that go into this questions, chief among those probably being the location. In the northern hemisphere, there are distinct changes in seasons that can greatly influence the purchase of log homes. Winter is probably the time when such purchases dial down, as construction in the snow is practically impossible. Sometimes, in this cold season, elaborate custom orders take place, so the plans can be ready for spring and summer construction season.

So, the simplest answer for the northern parts of the world is: buy in spring or summer, so your log houses can be built quickly and efficiently. Unless your houses are unique and elaborate. Then it’s advisable to start the purchasing process in winter or even autumn in order to iron out all the kinks.

But what about customers that reside in warmer climates? Technically, glulam log homes can be sold and built there all year round – and might be the preferable construct to live in. With little rain and moisture in the air, wood will deteriorate slower. Even though at Eurodita we build log homes from glue laminated planks, which makes them stronger and more durable, after many years, moisture will start creeping in. Dryer climate have the advantage of avoiding this issue altogether.

So, to recap, partners located in the north should ramp up their sales in winter to plan out construction during warm seasons. Partners in warmer climates should keep up with the sales efforts all year round and trust their production partners to deliver.

Selling and buying bespoke

As already mentioned above, whether it’s custom log cabins or bespoke mobile homes, seasonality will play a part in the selling and buying of each type of log structure. This process becomes easier with standard log houses, as they require few adaptations and the parts that make up the structure are usually already present, awaiting finalising on the production line. Where it could take longer are the bespoke options. Dotting the Ts and crossing the Is might take extra amount of time depending on the customer and the complexity of their dream log home. Buying bespoke can also mean additional production time, as producing assets that are not present takes effort. Then there are transport costs and times that might increase due to the shape, size or complexity of the structure. All these details need to be taken into account to provide a realistic timeline that the end customer would accept and be happy with.

Consult your production partner

We have been producing log cabins, mobile homes and glulam houses for 27 years. In this time, we have developed an efficient way to process requests from our partners, no matter the complexity. We always have just one advice for all our partners – old and new: consult us early in the order process. We will be able to take many more details into account when putting together an offer for you. More than that, we will be able to produce a more accurate 3D model of the final product and hence help you sell the vision to your customer. These offers we will adorn with your own brand and insignia, helping you smoothen and quicken the sales process. There’s nothing quite like visual aid in selling customers their own dream log homes. All our partners are welcome to consult us at any stage of the production.

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