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Glulam modular homes – an architect’s dream

Modern advances in the material sciences offer a lot of great options for today’s architects and interior designers. From natural, sustainable building materials, to varied options for furniture, colours and decor, there was scarcely a better time to be in creative design. Glulam modular homes are one of these advances that have so much to offer for the creators in design and architecture. The flexibility and the design possibilities are immense. More and more log home suppliers offer glulam log houses as well as classic options, and the modern choice has its merits!

Glulam modular homes design

The production process of glue laminated timber allows for ever flexible design. The range and variety of our own glulam log cabins and houses built with glulam shows the possibilities of architectural ideas. There are options for everyone: ultra modern look of the contemporary residential log cabins. Totally classic approach of glulam beams houses. Small, yet practical glulam log cabins and more niche buildings, like camping pods, saunas, BBQ huts and more. Almost every type of housing can be built from glue laminated timber.

Sustainability of the process

While the design world is moving towards sustainability, it’s good to say that glue lamination process can add to that movement. The final product does not have any known negative effects towards the environment. More than that, houses built with glulam last for a long time, especially with proper maintenance. That means there’s no need for extensive rebuilding. There’s no possibility of leakage of harmful materials from glulam planks. They don’t change shape over time due to the drying process and calibration. Glulam modular homes provide a sustainable construction option for summertime cabins, or log houses alike.

Final thoughts

Architecture and design fields have always been subject to the possibilities of materials available. With glue lamination, it’s now more possible than ever to build completely bespoke log cabin homes, glulam modular homes and glulam log cabins. We at Eurodita are happy to contribute to the possibilities of building something new, beautiful and unique. We are constantly expanding our partner network, offering flexible and personalised construction options, timely delivery services straight to the construction site and more wonderful perks. We invite everyone to review our catalogue and if you find what you’ve been looking for, let’s sit down and talk business!


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