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A sunroom in a log home: all you need to know

We know that a lot of times, clients can be picky. They will demand a custom solution to realise their dreams. And that is absolutely their prerogative, they are our clients after all. During 27 years of business, we at Eurodita have seen many of our partners come with a great variety of bespoke log cabin homes.

In this post, we would like to share one bespoke option a client is likely to pick for their custom log homes. And that is a sunroom. A really elegant option – a room that follows the sun’s journey with windows on 3 sides. Usually they are used for dining or as a reading corner. It is a very specific option that our partners might want to know more about. In this post, we would like to go over in more detail about the sunroom, how to pick its location and what challenges a log house can face when one is installed.

Space and location

Before even entertaining the idea of a sunroom, ask your clients what its purpose going to be. The sunroom is always installed indoors, to capture as much light as possible, while also allowing to observe the nature outside without leaving log homes. As mentioned before, in contemporary log cabin homes, sunrooms can have many uses. They can serve as dining rooms, reading rooms, even as indoor winter gardens. Whichever the case, you must first find out the purpose of the sunroom. That way, we can plan how the space of the sunroom will be used.

Next very important question is: the sunroom’s location inside bespoke timber houses. As said earlier, the purpose of the sunroom is to capture as much sunlight as possible. That means it must be situated in the glulam house design in such a way it follows the sun’s journey sunrise to sunset. Or at least as close as possible. The location should also face the most picturesque side of the bespoke residential log cabins. It is important to open up the view and enjoy it to the fullest.

Access and utilities

Next on the list of sunroom construction: access. The room should have access to the outdoors. When ordering bespoke log cabins for sale, make sure to let us know the windows of the sunroom need to run the length of the wall. This will also give an opportunity to install glass doors that will blend well with the large windows and give access to the outdoors. All our doors and windows can be double glazed and do not leak heat or let in the cold.

When laying out glulam beam house plans with your client, also make sure the sunroom connect to the kitchen – especially if it is planned as a dining area. It will give your clients great comfort to cook the food close to the outdoors and then have a meal immediately and nearby.

Next is the utilities. When installing the sunroom, make sure the custom log homes heating system runs throughout the log house, including the sunroom. If that is not possible, plan a fireplace nearby to heat up the space in colder seasons. Overall, your clients should not have to install extra heating in the sunroom, unless they are making it independent of the whole log house.

Alternative construction methods

If you did not place a bespoke glulam homes kit order that includes a sunroom with us, there are alternative ways to install it after the log house is constructed. Although we always recommend ordering straight from the bespoke log cabin company to reduce the hassle, we know it is not always an option. Sometimes clients change their mind and request changes after the construction is complete. That is why we can also share some information on alternative ways you can install a sunroom into an already built contemporary log cabin decor.

The most popular option is called a direct set. It is done by putting glass around the outside and small timbers between window units. Large panel glass are installed with stoppers that keep the glass in place. These kinds of sunrooms usually have the feel of a solarium. However, to install this post-construction of glulam house kits, you will need to open up a whole side of the log house.

An easier solution that does not require a whole reconstruction would be to cut open glulam log cabins’ walls and to install large windows. This will not create the classic sunroom, but will be the next best thing. Your clients will be able to catch a lot of sun if done on the right side of made to measure cabins, not to mention the sights of nature they will be able to observe. On the other hand, you will not need to demolish half the building to erect a more complex sunroom.

Whatever challenge the client throws at you, always consult with us, a professional log cabin manufacturer. By ordering a bespoke log home, you will receive a sketch of the final product and we can go over the details of your clients demands and make adjustments. If you still haven’t chosen a reliable log home wholesale partner, check out our partner program and see if we are something you were looking for. Good luck!



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