Interiors of cabins: fascinating designs and essential items

Posted Sep 29, 2021, Category: How-to

If you’re looking to buy modern log home kits most likely, you’ll have to plan the interior. This is a chance to explore your creative side and design your dream log home. Naturally, the process of creating the interior design of your log house yourself may seem overwhelming. In the event of employing an interior decorator, you’ll have to guide and communicate your design.

At Eurodita We are primarily concerned on the outside design for of our cabins made from log. But, with our extensive experience in this area and our experience in the field, we have some tips to help with the interior design too. In this article we’ll look at some of the design elements and possibilities to consider. If you’re looking to purchase a tiny cabin kit or an complete glulam beams home These designs and choices will help you realize that log cabin vision.

Let the light wood

In all of our designs, we employ Northern pine as our primary material and have a bias towards this style of design. The soft wood from this pine is extremely refreshing. We suggest leaving the wood planks in their original state and only applying a coat of transparent, protective paint. Allow the beauty and natural wood to shine. Do not clog your walls with lots of details, choose simple and practical furniture. The log house will appear fresh and open.

Walls painted with whitewashing

This creates a contemporary look for your modern log cabin design. Instead of applying an ordinary painting, white wood beams are cleaned, which preserves the distinctive texture of wooden planks. This gives a contemporary look, with a distressed appearance to the walls. Whitewashing can open up small spaces and can further increase the size of larger spaces. It’s also utilized to increase the size of small spaces and create an illusion of being bigger than they really are. For instance an area for reading could require greater light, or look larger. For a guest room that requires more space can be achieved by whitewashing. It’s definitely a fantastic alternative for a small cabin, or perhaps the outdoor room.

This option can be an ideal pocket-sized solutions for small areas. If you’re seeking an earthy look whitewashing isn’t the best choice. It’s designed to bring modern appeal to the most rustic design log cabins.

Ceiling Space – the use of beams that strike

If you’re looking to construct the largest made-to-measure summer home, beams could be a great option. They are a fantastic method to fill large ceilings. In the event that you left the beams in their raw and untreated, they’ll appear to be an impact. If you’re not sure whether beams are suitable for use for your log cabin, inquire with the log cabin manufacturer for advice on this. It’s an extremely distinctive interior design feature in any log home.

Stones are used as a the mantelpiece and floor

Stone is durable and strong it makes an excellent, striking appearance when it is used in the log cabin. It’s not scratchy and is able to withstand numerous hits. Stone, when combined with wood, can make it appear as if you’re outside but not actually going out.

If used on the ground flooring, stone can leave an appearance of toughness and durability. Another innovative and unique method to utilize stone is to construct the mantelpiece of your fireplace made of it. If you decide to go with whole stone, your mantelpiece will appear as if it is a natural nature. If you choose to use stones, they creates a unique and beautiful design. Whatever way you choose, using stone for your fireplace will definitely be the focal point of your log home.

Utilization of rustic elements

To truly achieve the rustic look, you can try adding small elements of rustic that can aid you in achieving that look. For instance, in your bathroom, put in an old bucket that is clean as a substitute for the bathroom sink. Although it’s not harmful to use and comfortable, it has the additional advantage of making you feel as if you’re back in the past. Also, look out for plumbing and faucet designs which look unfinished and natural. Replace wall lamps with lanterns that have light bulbs in the middle of them. Decorate the room with fur. Pick furniture made of wood for bedrooms and guest rooms as well as blankets in designs that are rustic. These little pieces, scattered throughout the home can make the house look and feel older, but without sacrificing the contemporary.

In the end, it’s your choice to decide on the style you want. Whatever log cabin you choose to purchase and take in the space available and imagine what you can accomplish with it. Your ideal log home is only a few steps away. Have fun!