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Top 3 awesome options for log garages

For a long time, garages have been viewed as a luxury. It’s a place that would look strange next to a log house, and small cabin kits just don’t come with a separate garage option. And yet, a family most often owns at least 2 cars. Which then leads to a natural question: where to park them?

Cars left outside wear out faster. The dampness in the air eats away at the metal and joints, causing all sorts of structural problems. This is a really painful problem in places where it rains a lot, or winters get very cold. All these reasons and more lead to a simple solution: a log garage.

But reasons alone are not enough. In our previous post, we have listed a number of good reasons to choose a log garage over traditional, attached garage, or a brick one. In this post, we would like to offer top 3 options for great car parking solutions for you to add to the portfolio.

Log garage Rosie

Let’s start with something classic. A single-car garage that’s simple in design and construction. Log garage Rosie serves the purpose of keeping the car away from the elements beautifully. It fits most standard car models, leaves a bit of space for inventory and is very easy to construct. A garage like this doesn’t require concrete foundation and will fit most back yards.


Solid carport Liverpool

For people that have limited space and don’t want to burden the view of their backyard, there are carports. We specifically recommend the solid carport Liverpool. This structure fits two cars easily, saves space and is easy to construct. It also serves the most basic function of protecting the car from the rain, snow, hale and other elements.

While they’re not as effective as complete garages, carports are great companions to bespoke summer houses. If your clients are looking into purchasing log homes for vacations, carports are a great option next to them. They don’t take up so much space and for short-term, protect the car well.

Two storey garage George

For clients that are looking to invest in their garages, or to use them as both shelter for cars and storage units, this option is the best one. Two storey garage George can easily accommodate two cars. More than that, it has a whole second floor for storage. The storage section is as big, as the space for two cars. It’s reachable through the outdoor staircase and has windows for natural light.

Log garage George is not a small building. It’s fit for more permanent car parking location. The structure is not difficult to build, just like with all Eurodita‘s bespoke homes, the garage arrives packed in pieces and only needs to be assembled on the construction site. It’s a great long-term solution for car parking and storage.

Honorable mentions

In this section, we have a modern double garage. The design of this log garage will fit next to most contemporary log home designs. It also doesn’t require a concrete foundation and comes with both garage doors. For more classic look, we recommend the log garage Dusk. A sloping roof on the side will add a little charm to the overall design of the structure. The garage will look great next to classic glulam log homes, bringing elegance and function.

Final thoughts

Contemporary residential log cabins increasingly resemble traditional housing. It’s only natural that comforts, already present in the current housing, would catch up with these alternative log homes. We encourage all our partners to show variety and adaptation to modern times in their portfolio. Adding log garages as a supplement to glulam timber houses is a great step towards happy, returning clients.

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